Wednesday, February 02, 2005

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Ok, boys and girls with ebloggy still on the DL we've created a new site which you've apparently managed to find. We may or may not revert back to ebloggy when it returns. Nonetheless, there's a lot going on right now with superbowl (aka the TO show), signing day, baseball trades, and I suppose the nba too. We're going to get back to recruiting probably tomorrow after all the signing is over. Since it is superbowl week, I wanted to get the juices flowing with football talk. I like to get the juices flowing with lists. Who doesn't love them?? So, the first debate list for the is going to be the greatest superbowls of all time. I've decided to limit this list to superbowls that we could actually remember. We'll say the espn era. Go.

5) Broncos over Packers (97-98)
Probably the most overrated of all the superbowls since it gave Elway his first title. It still cracks the list at five. This game was fantastic as the Packers were a huge favorite coming into this game. I'd say it was more of a fantastic upset than a super game. However, getting Elway his ring cannot be denied as a huge factor here either. The interesting point here is that the Broncos won because of Terrell Davis and very little to do with Elway. I still think the Packers wanted to lose.
Signature Moment: 300 year old Elway diving and getting spun around in mid-air to pick up a crutial 1st down late in the game. I'm still not sure how he didn't get absolutely crushed by three packers. If this play is done by anyone but Elway, it's long forgotten. Instead, it's THE highlight of that game.

4) 49ers over Bengals (88-89)
I'm still not sure why this superbowl is forgotten so much. Maybe it's because it involved the Bengals. To be honest, I don't remember that much about this one. What I do remember is that the Bengals should have won except that Joe Montana was involved. He just did what he always does and went on a 90-yard two minute drive to win the game. (I don't have the exact stats, but it's close to that) This game cleared up any doubt to who the greatest clutch qb in history is.
Signature Moment: The final TD catch of the game to John Taylor from Montana to wrap it up. Just a fantastic throw and an even better camera angle from the end zone.
Signature Moment number 2: During the game winning drive, Montana decided to break the tension in the huddle by saying, "Isn't that John Candy in the stands? Yes, yes it is."

3) Patriots over Panthers (03-04)
Don't judge a game by it's first half. It was a terrible start for the panthers looking outclassed in every way during the first 30 minutes. The game lived up to it's terribble billing in those first two quarters. However, the panthers came out of the second half on fire. Jake Delhomme turned into the love child of montana and brady to give the best performance by a losing QB in history. A back-and-forth affair, it one of those games I was sad that had to end. Tragically the Patriots won giving more more reason to complain about boston.
Signature Moment: It's what Vinatieri does, he wins games with kicks. And this game was no exception.

2) Giants over Bills (90-91)
I'm still not comfortable discussing this game or even the Bills in general. The early 90s Bills should be considered a dynasty for going to four straight, but instead they're thought of as the greatest chokers in history. This game was the beginning of the end for them. The best bills team of the four should have handled the Giants easily. Instead, Parcells's's's defense shut them down for the most part. One of the greatest offenses in NFL history will simply be remembered as wide right. We all know Scott Norwood owns this signature moment.

1) Rams over Titans (99-00)
There was nothing not to love about this superbowl. A bunch of lovable characters and two teams that rarely make it to the pinnacle. You could have been happy for either side to win. The best final 5 minutes of any football game as the greatest show on turf chucks it around. Isaac Bruce catching an improbable deep ball to put the Rams up for good. Who doesn't love watching Vermiel cry? C'mon!!!
Signature Moment: Bruce did put them up for good, but oh was it close. McNair led the Titans back down the field only to have the final reception (Dyson?) stopped (London Fletcher?) inches away from tying it up as time expired. Every time I've seen the highlight, I think he's going to get in. It's just bizarre that he doesn't.

I expect controversy on this one. Gimme some hate!!

-Dids out


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