Wednesday, October 11, 2006

GVGOAT 24 - 18

You might be thinking...wait, what happened to #25. Well, I'll tell you, if you'd just wait a second. JEEZ!! When I was compiling the new list, I noticed that I had inverted #32 to #23 and therefore my ordering was wrong. Therefore, I have moved #32 to it's correct place and you can check out the previous list to see it. Everything from #32 - 26 therefore moves up on spot. Congrats Mario Kart, you're no longer in the "also receiving votes" section. On with the list...

#24) Half Life 2
A graphical masterpiece and one of the best FPSs ever, HL2 really explored the space of using PC abilities for a shooter. Challenging with a great story line, you really felt immersed in the environment. However, the greatest aspect of this game: the gravity gun. You could use it to pick almost anything and throw it. Any game that you can rip off a ceiling fan, throw it at an alien, and cut it in half...well, you make the top 25.

Above: Is that manifold man?

Fun Fact: I bought this game over a year ago and love it. However, I've almost never played it due to another game taking up all my time....hmmmm.....

#23) Doom
Once upon a time, the idea of a first person shooter was that of a crappy game. Then along came Doom. It revolutionized an entire genre and gave birth to other great games coming up on the list. It was fast paced, with lots of great, violent action. All sorts of weapons and enemies to kill, the game was great for any amount of time. It's only downfall: graphics. We all ignored it at the time, but it was SO pixelated. It was still one bad-ass game.

Above: A 3-D masterpiece.

Fun Fact: Ever heard of ID entertainment? Well, they made this game, and well.....they made Doom.

#22) Dragon Warrior (NES) & Final Fantasy I (NES)
That's right, BONUS GAME!! For whatever reason these games have always been linked in my mind. So, they get to share a spot in the list. It's my present to you!

DW: Most of you never cared to kill a slime, a red slime, or even a metal slime (you should, the metal ones gave mass exp) But guess what, I did, and this game was awesome. Granted you kept trying to find all of Ederik's crap, I mean honestly, if it was so good, why's he dead? But still it ruled.

FF: The beginning of the most successful RPG franchise ever. It's greatness came from allowing you to chose a party of 4 characters of various skills. I don't care what anyone says, the thief sucked, he did!!! Plus, you got a boat. That was fun, yay boat!

Above: A graphical text adventure of rather large proportions.

Fun Fact: At the end of DW, the main boss talks to you and asks you if you wish to join his cause. Of course, I said yes. Which means, you die. C'mon, could that be more lame? I wanted to go kill the king!!

#21) Super Smash Bros. (N64)
PICA!!! A game made with stoners in mind. It's 3 minutes of non-stop chaos and complete focus. A non-experienced player has NO freakin idea what is even happening, just ask Evan. The characters are somewhat balanced, but everyone enjoys Jiggly Puff's worthlessness. But the phrases of Kirby and Picachu, take it to the next level.

Above: For some reason, my picture search resulted in this pic. I'm not complaining.

Fun Fact: I cry when I think how much Super Smash Bros Melee for the gamecube sucks. Seriously, I do.

#20) Mortal Kombat II (Arcade)
Bringing this game over from the arcade an onto consoles saved my parents more quarters than you can ever imagine. Also, MKII an SFII transition from arcade to console also, IMO, marked the very end of the arcade experience. Nonetheless, it worked out great for me. Plus, MKII was superior to SFII in these ways:
a) Back, Back, B
b) Grabbing scooter with Scorpion's harpoon, and seeing how angry he got with me as I taunted his character
c) Fatalities! It spurred congressional action! The best part is, it gave MKII more pub, which paved the road to make even MORE graphic games. Good work Congress.

Above: Baraka as Scott Peterson in "You wouldn't give me head, so I'm taking it."

Fun Fact: Honestly, I don't think anyone EVER bothered with single player mode.

#19) Mike Tyson's Punch Out (NES)
Who among us doesn't remember trying to time up Bald Bull's rush attack, or hitting King Hippo in the stomach? I always struggled with Soda Popinski. He was a bitch! I the early rounds, I always tried to see how swollen I could get Lil' Mac's face in the cut-a-way scene. And ANYTHING can happen in a cut-a-way.


I know people always claimed there was a pattern to Tyson's fighting style, but I never saw it. That is probably also the reason I could never beat him. Prick.

Fun Fact: The password to start just past Piston Honda was also hexadecimal ASCII code to say, "Praise be to Allah"

#18) Halo [2] (XBox)
I'll be the first at admit, I haven't done a lot of monstrous boxing. However, no one can deny how bitchin' this game is. While Halo 2 is the better game, it's basically just the original with solid improvements. And any game with a Sword of Obedience, deserves a top 20 ranking. The game also takes on new life with the Red vs. Blue series. Yeah, like a puma.

Above: The flag is all and holy!

Fun Fact: Evan and I once play Halo for 2 hours doing co-op mode, but all we did was gun slap each other in the back. Then, we giggled like school-girls. Yes, ladies, we're both single.


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