Friday, March 25, 2005

Over the shoulder Oberholser

Has anyone else noticed ESPN classic doing more and more live events. With college basketball "retro-night" and now "Live at 17" for the TPC at sawgrass, it seems espn classic is slowing fading out. They seem to be showing less and less "classic" sporting events and doing more gimmicky stuff. Even when they do show things, it seems to be a retarded amount of boxing and bullshit no one cares about. I hope this isn't a some type of MTV migration towards "shows" and away from what they're supposed to be about. They already have one with cheap seats. Unless they get some new writers I hope that goes away soon with all the boxing and racing too.

I'm not known for watching the news much. But everywhere I turn lately someone is debating this ugly bedridden woman in Florida. The reason I bring it up is two fold. First, I can't believe it's getting this much attention. WHO FUCKING CARES?!?! There is a busload of people leaving from kernerktin to go down there to "support" her. I'm not making that up. She doesn't even know anyone is even there. There are so many more worthwhile causes to protest. What is the best thing these supporters could accomplish? That she live a miserable life until God stops punishing her and takes sympathy on her to die. Because don't forgot, God is involved, see here, which means all the weirdos show up. . Let's face it, this "cause" is just some lame distraction so people are diverted from real issues like college basketball. Once a decision is made people will forget about Terri "Hawaii" Schiavo within 3 weeks and focus on a sick dog in Oregon or whatever. Oh yeah, the other reason was I wanted to call her Hawaii Schiavo. At least they aren't talking about soccer.

So, WVU and Texas Tech played last night in one of the weirdest final minutes of a game I've ever seen. TT had about 14 tip-in chances followed by a premature whistle by a ref which he then pretended didn't happen and ruled that the WVU player actually did save the ball and called timeout. I heard that whistle and I know everyone else did too. However, it was never mentioned again. It must have been banished to the land of wind and ghosts, who knows. Then TT just decided not to foul for 20 seconds and basically end the game. Weird. Meanwhile, Ok St. and Arizona played and didn't even seem concerned the clock was running out. Also, Arizona winning was the best thing possible for Illinoise.

Since Fu did it yesterday, I'll do it today. Predictions on tonight's games.

UNC vs. 'Nova
No Sumpter means no problem for UNC. Wait, that's what everyone is saying. Rule #1, ignore conventional wisdom. I thought Fu knew that. Milly Villynova still has 3 very good guards that play excellent D and shoot the 3. UNC might still win, but I'm not as convinced as everyone else. I'm going to buck the trend as 'Nova gets back on D and keeps the score manageable.
Villanova: 78 UNC: 73

Wisconsin vs. NC State
I have no idea what to make of this game. Wisky is playing its third straight double digit seed and Bo Ryan has never lost to a team he was seeded higher than. I really wanna go with the big 10 in this one, but the badgers simply forget to score sometimes. However, the pack do the same. I'm just rambling. I'll say it's a race to 60 and whoever gets their first wins.
NC State: 62 Badgers: 59

Duke vs. MSU
The spartans can't beat Duke. I'm not sure why, but they can't. Why will this time be different, guh, it won't. Sidenote: Whoever wins this game is in the final four
Duke: 80 MSU: 70

Kentucky vs. Utah
I can't believe this game exists. These to emerge out of what might be the worst half bracket in NCAA history. Utah vs Utep and Cincy vs. Iowa were two of the most poorly played tourney games I remember. In fact, utep and iowa might be the worst at-large tourney teams ever. UK has looked terrible and the Utes aren't very good. The guard play sucks. I guess go with the best player and pick his team. Therefore Bogota is enough to take Utah (yes, really) to the elite 8. Ugh.
Utah: 71 Kentucky: 70


At 4:15 PM, March 25, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

I knew someone else had to have heard that premature whistle at the end of the WVU-TT game. I can't believe how everyone just ignored that it happened. Knight was absolutely going ballistic on the sidelines, and the announcers were like "he must be arguing that the West Virginia player was out-of-bounds." No, you dumbasses, he was Furious George because of that early whistle. Morons.

On the bright side, we have a WVU elite game that's gonna be called by Gus Johnson. I'm giddy already. "THE SLIPPER STILL FITS!!!"

And good call on the final score of the Wisky-NCSU game. Great minds ... yada yada yada.


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