Monday, October 31, 2005

The College Football Weekend in Review, Issue # Whatever

All right, blog, you don't like me and I don't like you. Let's work together for the greater ... no reason. Awesome.

Big Ten Talk

OSU won this game because Troy Smith didn't turn it over. It's that simple. Speaking of turnovers, has Brandon Schnittker been completely phased out of the offense because of his proclivity for fumbling inside the red zone, or am I crazy? Good move, Tress. The more times I get to see Stan White's glamour shot, the better.

I have to say that I was disheartened by the way Cupito was able to bomb away on the secondary. Part of me says, "Well, half of his yards probably came on the 4 or 5 long bombs he was able to connect on," but the other half of me is pissed off that those long bombs worked, partly because I'm scared about Michigan doing that, and partly due to the fact that it's embarrassing because Cupito throws like a girl. Eh, whatever. A win's a win.

I watched about a quarter of this game, and I have to say, Michigan's defense looked pretty formidable. Northwestern was white-hot coming into this one, and holding them to 17 is no small feat. Yeah, the first-quarter fumble return for a TD was yooge and kinda altered the course of the game, but you know, that's what turnovers do. Whatever, I barely watched this game.

Classic case of a demoralized team running up the score to try and get their confidence back up and get some of the alumni back on the bandwagon. They were bombing away way later in that game than they should've been, but Drew Stanton continues to impress, I guess. He made one throw, scambling to his right, where he absolutely gunned it across his body to the middle of the field for like a 20-yard gain, all while seeing a guy barrelling toward him and knowing he was gonna be drilled, which he did. That guy's good.

It isn't even November yet, and Purdue is eliminated from bowl eligibility. That is inexplicable. Todd thinks Tiller's gonna get shown the door, but I don't know: he has absolutely taken that program back from the brink, and they may feel they owe him a freebie year. IRRegardless, this Purdue team is probably the single-biggest single-season disappointment in college football since Heisman candidate Freddie Milons led the 2000 Alabama squad -- a team that was #3 in the preseason polls -- to a 3-8 final record.

Also, it's looking increasingly like the Nittany Kitties are gonna be the Big Ten's BCS team (unless both they and OSU win out, which case the league will probably get 2 teams ... I think), with just two games left: they get Wisconsin in Happy Valley next week, then have a week off before facing the schizophrenic Men of Sparta in East Lansing on November 19. I think they'll handle Wisky relatively easily next week, and then God knows what the hell will happen in that season finale.

Whatever. Though I have to say: how the hell is Wisconsin 8-1. Well, I guess I do: they've only had 3 truly difficult games, and they lost one and legitimately pulled the other two out of their own asses for victories. They finish up with a loss next week at PSU, then get perennial nemesis Iowa at home, before travelling to a vacation game at Hawai(slight pause)'i to close things out.

UCk-LA Pulls One Out (Ew)
So, does anyone else see some glaring parallels between this year's UCLA team and the Cade McNown-led bunch who jumped out to a 10-0 start -- aided by numerous 4th-quarter comebacks against less-than-stellar Pac-10 competition -- before choking against a mediocre Miami team and then getting pushed around by Wisky in the Rose Bowl? No? I'm not the only one? I didn't think so.

The Big Three


Boy, did they not even show up for the first half of that game against Oak State. You know why? Because they didn't have to: that OSU team, along with pretty much the rest of the Big XII, is completely freaking worthless. I feel kind of bad for Mack Brown (okay, no I don't), because the year he assembled what is probably his best, most legitimate team, his conference is totally letting him down. After the win at the 'Shoe, they aren't likely to get challenged the rest of the season before their bowl game. That league blows. Hard. Will it hurt the 'Horns, in either their preparation for their bowl game or in the BCS? We shall see.

Vickginia Tech
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My opinion? We still don't know just how good they are. As tough as the ACC looks, their best win is a toss-up between BC and Ga Tech, when GT played without Reggie Ball. It says something when your best road win of the season is over West Virginia. Miami and (probably) Florida State remain, but neither team looks like the power we thought they'd be in the preseason. I have to say, though, that they have the national title formula: great defense + very good running game. Although they (and Florida) should certainly lose points after wearing those hideous one-colored-sleeve abortions out on the field. Hang 'em up. Guh.

Also, UGA lost and the SEC stayed deathly, mind-numbingly boring this year. That is all.


At 10:56 AM, November 01, 2005, Blogger The Diddy said...

According to what I heard, Schnitttttker was injured and not available for the Minny game. Is it wrong that I'm happy he's injured? I didn't think so.


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