Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wow, I am still here

Oh, you guys are so cute with your questions!! I just want to eat you up. Don't worry, I'll try and answer them all.

Evan vs. OSU 2002 vs. OSU 2005

Offense - Nice work on the numbers E-doggy, those numbers are striking how similar they are. Now let me give you my take

2002 with Clarett - This offense was better than the 2005 version b\c of Clarett. 2005 there's actually more talent on this team, especially at the receiver position. But Tressel's offense is built around one major factor - an effective and powerful running game. '02 with Clarett had it. Now, once Mo went down, the '02 team was worse than the '05 version for the same reason. If neither team has a power running game, then the team with more weapons is superior.

The most "fustrating" part of the 05 team is the fumbles. JEEZUS TROY STOP IT!! However, he's not going to, b\c it's what he does. The 02 offense sans Clarett was terrible. I mean, basically it was there job to just improve field position for the defense, they really weren't expected to score. Remember the Illinois game?!?! AHHHH!! That team took us to overtime.

In my opinion, there's no question about the defense: 2002 was better. The D-Line and secondary were phenomenal. With Kaiser strong up the middle, that unit controlled the game.

Summary, the single main problem with the 05 team is turnovers. I believe we're around -14 for the season. We'd easily be 6-1 and probably 7-0 if that was even cut in half. Especially the Penn St. game. Even one fewer by us, or just one by the kitties and we probably win that game. My prediction: I'm in pain.

Basesball vs. Replay vs. White Sox

I'm actually against replay, in basically every form conceived for baseball. If you wanted a review for fair/foul homers or for homers clearing the yellow line on the fence (especially with all the crazy stadiums now), I would support that. All others, no dice.

A month ago this White Sox team was considered the shakiest of all playoff teams, and many were pretty sure they'd lose in the first round or the Indians would overtake them. Instead, they sweep the tribe, then the bo sox, lose once to the angees, then sweep the stros. 12-1 to secure a spot then through the playoffs. It's a shame that the bizarre play calls overshadowed how impressive that was. What's even more bizarre was the world series. I watched most of games 2,3,4 and if one play had gone houstons way, they win all those games. It's just wild that the pale hoes swept them, but I've never seen a clearer example of "team of destiny" than the ChiSox. I mean, even houston's roof was kept open. Which I think was done so the blimp could get better pictures. Which would have included this one, from every angle possible

In case you missed it in the to wedding pics. Now, let's together relive the top 10 Neary-Sanders wedding weekend moments...eerrrr...together.

10 -- Pound It: Jackson and I kept "fist pounding" and adding new twists to it. First, the fist twist, then a girl scream, then both with a full body twist. Never got old

9--Dancing with my suspenders around scooter. The Picture says it all

8--30 seconds to pounce: I was in the church for less than 30 seconds when my current frumpy love< mounted me. Also, there was nearly a fight for me at the reception.

7--Raining tears of...boyfriends: It was in fact raining during the ceremony. The priest decreed it was the tears of all of Joanna's past boyfriends. I enjoyed an inward chuckle, and caught a couple of comments about the priest's remarks post-union.

6--Flower behind my ear: At the reception, I constantly had a flower behind my ear asking people if they "want to take my flower".

5--Hooker, hardly know her: Upon check-in at the Kwality Inn, I "swiped my card at the back door" and allowed a prostitute into the building. A 50-year old woman, missing teeth, in a mini-skirt, with a plastic sack full of beer, without a key, asking me which way to room 122 has to be a hooker.

4--Women's underwear in elevator: Later that day a pair of women's undies showed up in the elevator. (Sidenote - The Rhode Island Univ. soccer team was also staying in my hotel and broke the elevator by jamming 12 people into it, which was roughly the size of a big telephone booth.

3--Choices regulars: The hotel bar at the holiday inn was called "choices". It was full of bass, ugly people, and two dozen cops. It also had a 40 year old with a "bangin body" and a face that time had not been kind to. We went two nights in a row. She was there both nights, wearing the same clothes, dancing the same dance, all by herself.

2--Jackson riding back in the mystery van: After leaving Choices on Friday night, I had to walk back to the Kwality Inn in the freezing pouring rain. Jackson, Matt, and Jim all walked back to the I thought. Apparently some random guy offered them a ride in his van. The man was staying at the Tally-Ho (which has hourly rates) and had a person (passed out or dead) laying in the back. They all gladly jumped in and took the ride. Also, they saw him the next night as Choices too.

1--Those are balls: My previously mentioned frumpy love was also in attendance at the reception and at Choices on Saturday night. Before we left for Choices, we were all talking, and she stopped someone else mid-sentence to tell me, "you have beautiful eyes, I want to breed with you". The roughly 7 people standing there were all shocked, and I just said "wow". Later on at choices, I was talking to her, Scott, and Jordana when she tugged Jordana's shirt and said, "I like boobs" then said, "I also like these" and proceded to grab my junk. It wasn't gentle. More like, "you won't give it to me, so I'm talking them (those are mine)" sort of grapple. It was the highlight of scott's trip. Later on, she did it again. The next morning, I woke up with scott in my bed.


At 2:43 PM, October 27, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

I'm actually against replay, in basically every form conceived for baseball. If you wanted a review for fair/foul homers or for homers clearing the yellow line on the fence (especially with all the crazy stadiums now), I would support that. All others, no dice.

That's fine, but um ... any reasoning at all there, chief? It would be helpful if there's going to be any kind of discussion about this topic...

At 3:06 PM, October 27, 2005, Blogger The Diddy said...

Reasons?!?! Since when have I needed any reason for anything? Fine, here ya go...

Rarely do I see plays directly impact outcomes in baseball (aside from homerun calls) Even the White Sox calls I'd say were indirect. If the guy after Mary "Soda Pop" Piercezinsky strikes out, it's a non-factor. If Konerko hits up pop up after the Dye "hit by pitch", it's a non-factor. In both situations, if the other team had made a play, they would have been fine. It just doesn't seeme worth it to me.

At 5:12 PM, October 27, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

But you can say that about replays and the aftermath of controversial plays in ANY sport! The guy after Peirzynski should never have gotten the chance to do what he did, that's the whole point!

That's like if Virginia Tech is down by 4 late in the ballgame tonight, and Marcus Vick fumbles at the BC 10 and the Eagles recover it, only the officials didn't see the fumble and say Vick was down. And then if VT scores 2 plays later, you would apparently say "Well, if BC just would have stopped them after the controversial call, they would have won." Well no shit, Sherlock, but the point is THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN THE CHANCE TO SCORE AFTER FUMBLING. Just like the White Sox shouldn't have had the opportunity to score in the 9th after Pierzynski K'd...

At 8:31 AM, October 28, 2005, Blogger The Diddy said...

Ahhh, the predictability of a Fu-rant. Totally worth it. I stand by my previous statement. And no love for Mary "Soda Pop" Piercezinsky?? That's a tennis AND tyson's punch out joke all wrapped into your tight little package. And remember...

Vote Branstool for Licking County Municipal Judge.

At 12:29 PM, October 28, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

Your response made no sense. On a number of levels.

And speaking of "predictability," I have to say, you sticking to your guns, completely ignoring the issues I've raised? Never saw that coming...

At 12:38 PM, October 28, 2005, Blogger Torgonator said...

And...... scene.

At 4:36 PM, October 28, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...



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