Thursday, March 23, 2006

On Cowherdgate

Yes, I have made my dislike of ESPNRadio third-banana douchebag Colin Cowherd abundantly clear on a number of occasions. This time, his actions are bordering on ... what's the phrase I'm looking for ... oh yeah: THEFT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. Since I am not an avid reader of Michigan blog The M Zone, I first found out about this from Doug at Hey Jenny Slater. He is as angry and indignant as we all should be, so I would suggest you check out his feelings on the subject. Long story short: on his national radio show yesterday, Cowherd outright stole one of the M Zone's bits VERBATIM and didn't give them a lick of credit for it. Worse yet, when told about the situation, he responded with supreme assholery worthy of no less a cocksucker than Skip Bayless. All the stuff is readable at the M Zone, although, needless to say, the CFB blogosphere is all atizzy with rightfully righteous indignation.

UPDATE: Yeah, so when I said the above sentence, the one about the tizzy and the indignation? I didn't give you enough of a flavor. Here's more (with the best post title). And more. And more. And ... you guessed it. Also, since everyone else is saying it, and I am NOTHING if not a total sheep, here is ESPN's feedback link, in order to tell the Worldwide Leader's Grand Poobah how little you appreciate Cowherd's asshatitude.


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