Monday, March 13, 2006

Bracketed Anal-Cyst

As we all know, the brackets, they be out. I thought I'd give some of my knee-jerk reactions to what I've thought of the brackets so far.

While watching the selection show things I thought....
1) Utah State!?!?!?!
I know everyone is on the commitees ass for the Air Force bid, but, Air Force played 3 power conf schools and even beat one (G-Tech). Utah St? Played exactly ZERO major conf schools.
2) Indiana a 6 seed
Really, ok sure, whatever
2b) Syracuse a 5 seed
REALLY?!? When you lose to DEPAUL by almost FORTY points 10 days ago?!?! Ugh.
3) The Memphis
Most notibly, the bottom half of it. I consider UCLA, Gonzaga, Indiana the weakest of all the 2,3,6 seeds respectively. Then, they're with the worst 1 seed. Somone from that bottom-half bracket gets to be an elite 8 team, and I'm angry about it
4) SOC of me during the selection show... they haven't showed BC yet, FUCK they're gonna make BC the 3 seed in our region.....YES...they dropped BC to a 4, sweet.
5) I hate our 2nd round matchup...being in Dayton might be the only reason we make the sweet 16...but I LOVE our potential sweet 16 matchup...Oklahoma (6) and Florida (3) = yes please.
6) They put my upset special team against a Big 10 team for the 15th straight year. If NW St. was going against Gonzaga and not Iowa, I'd pick them to win in every bracket I filled out. In fact, I might anyway.
7) Mich St. earns an unprotected 6 seed yet get to play the first two rounds in Dayton? Good for them.
8) Davidson again, I hope that fat quasi-asian fucker is gone.
9) Man, that Memphis region sucks.


At 9:19 PM, March 13, 2006, Blogger Nipsey said...

Agreed. First prize.

Especially numbers 4 and 5.


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