Saturday, March 04, 2006

We're not like Oregon, but...

As found by Keith at BC, there's a post at the O-zone stating that the Buckeyes are going to be changing the football uniforms again next fall. "Again," you ask? Yeah, in '05 we tried some new material on the pants, which looked totally stupid, because they were a dull gray instead of the old silver, and because they were basically see-through. On the off-chance that they institute an "all teams must wear football pants" rule at the Lingerie Bowl, maybe then I could accept them making another appearance. As it stands, I'm still a little too traumatized at having to look at San Antonio Holmes's jockstrap all autumn. Blech.

Anyway, rumor is that the Bucks will be wearing a new jersey fabric (probably a lot like the ones Michigan introduced last year, with the bizarre "pipe line" they refer to in the post, which made the new UM unis look like they had a built-in diaper), as well as changing the shoulder numbers or the sleeve stripes, or both. To all of this, I say: BULL-PLOP!! I love the uniforms, they haven't been substantially changed in like 17 years, and they sell like proverbial hotcakes as it is, so we don't need some kind of marketing gimmick to move jerseys at Long's. BULL-PLOP!


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