Tuesday, February 28, 2006

College Basketball

Consider the head-case that is Oklahoma St. Can someone explain to me what they're doing? First, they're 15-14 overall, they've beat both Tennessee AND Texas. Those are both considered quasi-elite teams this year. And they didn't just beat them, they crushed them. Vols by 16, and 'Horns by 21. Now, 3 weeks before they beat Texas by 21, they had lost to them...by 34!!! How has this not been mentioned? Last night they should have beat Oklahoma (more on that in a sec**) which would have given them 3 of the best wins in CBB this year. Also, this team has lost, at HOME to Northwestern St. Now, my people tell me NW St. is good, but c'mon. Now, no one is talking about the 'pokes for an at-large bid, and rightfully so. But they are talking up Colorado and TAMU. To be fair, if you include those teams in discussions, wouldn't you have to include the pokes? I think all these teams are crap, but figuring out how a team can beat/dominate really good team and lose to many mediocre ones is perplexing to me at best.

**Last night OU beat Ok St by 1. The game featured these 2 highlights....
1) OU F\C\SWM Bookout caught an outlet pass at the foul-line(!!) and proceded to drive in and dunk the ball ahead of everyone else. Not interesting you say? Consider these factors...
a) He did so without taking one dribble (impressive)
b) Bookout has NO veritcal leap (impossible)
c) when he caught the ball he was stopped and facing the other direction (IMPROBABLE)
Summary...A guy who can't jump and didn't dribble, caught the ball, TURNED AROUND, then drove in and dunked, yes, from the foul line. At minimum, he took 4 steps. This play was not ruled a travel.

2) Later, Ok St hits 2 FTs go up up by 1, giving OU 4.6 seconds to go the length of the floor to score. But guess what? They made it to half court with 0.6 seconds when an Ok St. player attempted to take a moving charge, foul on him, OU guy hits both FTs, game over. Seriously.

(All of these things happened in the last 10 seconds of the game)
--I was laughing so hard, I still can't believe it all happened.


At 12:21 AM, March 01, 2006, Blogger Jack Fu said...

I saw the Bookout dunk (by the way, Bookout's gotta be getting way up there for "All-Carlos Huerta" considerations. Seems like he's been there since the Clinton administration), and there's no way in hell that wasn't a travel. Apparently you can take a step, jump stop, and then take another step. Whatever.

Notable also: that game was Oklahoma's fourth straight 1-pt win. No, I don't mean that they have won the last four times they've played a 1-pt game (though that is true also). They are 4-0 in their last four games, and ALL FOUR GAMES WERE 1-PT VICTORIES.

IMPROBABLE!! (As Pomeroy says here.)


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