Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Obi-Wan With Cobe (Final Four went to he did)

So as most of have heard O'Brien won his lawsuit against OSU for wrongful firing. He'll be getting anywhere from roughly 3-9 mill. Super. So here's my only real problem with the ruling...Consistency.

1) OSU was under a self-imposed post-season ban last year because we committed an NCAA violation (as stated by the NCAA) for giving money to a potential recruit
2) Jim O'Brien was granted a wrongful termination lawsuit against OSU because the court ruled that he didn't give money to the recruit since apparently they decided the kid wasn't a potential recruit.

So which is it? He either gave the kid money before or after he'd declared for the NBA draft, but it can't be both. Anyone else see a problem with this situation? If in fact O'Brien was wrongfully fired, that also means the NCAA should have to rescind its violation it said OSU committed. Right? I mean, I'm not a greazy lawyer, but that would seem to make sense to me. (I'm having visions of being charged by Kevin Kurgis, STOP CHASING THE CAMERA MAN, AHHHH)


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