Friday, February 03, 2006

"The RPI is idiots," and other miscellany

Yeah, I know it's the NCAA, and that the RPI isn't a "group" or even an "entity" per se, but rather a formula. Still, it's more fun to say. But yes, the NCAA is idiots. Especially frightening is the passage about how Duke and other ACC teams can theoretically play Southern Conference teams at the Greensboro Coliseum (!!!) and somehow get it declared a "road game" against a D-1 opponent in the eyes of the RPI. Bastards. I knew there had to be more reasons to hate them. (Edited to add: this has apparently been taken care of. Way to go, Myles.)

Also much love for Mr. Pomeroy for this passage about uber-NBA-ready dunker Rudy Gay:

You know, UConn’s last game against Providence was Rudy Gay in a nutshell. If you watched the highlights of the game, you saw him finish two alley oops in spectacular fashion. If you looked at the box score you saw a 4-for-8 performace from the field, 2 turnovers, no assists in 25 minutes. Gay has great athleticism, is a terrific defender, can dunk with the best, but doesn’t have much scoring ability outside of 10 feet. Presumably the last item on that list is the easiest to develop, and that’s why Gay will go high in the draft.
What's that you say? Skills? Bah, who needs those? He can dunk really forcefully! I've got a roster spot for him!

Further hoopsage: Gregg Doyel seems pretty arrogant a lot of the time, but I think he is on the mark here as he tries to temper the GW love. I know that I usually frown upon the sportswriters who go out of their way to present points of view which are contrary to popular opinion, but for some reason this doesn't strike me as one of those cases.

Hey, this is the kind of thing that happens when you flirt with Mike Martz. Other than, you know, the sexin'. Say it with me: it's the Lions. With Martz apparently out of the picture, the Lions aare looking at ... ... and ... As Sweaty Menseses succinctly called it, "Honolulu Blue Balls."

Speaking of the shitty NFL, in case you hadn't heard, Joey Porter is completely fucking crazy. I know that the "disrespeck" card is so popular in sports nowadays, but come on. Jerramy Stevens made a comment which basically equated to him saying that he thought his team had a decent chance to win. And then Porter totally flew off the fucking handle, getting all "he's soft" and "I taste blood" and "you would never say that to my face," like some kind of stereotypical internet tough guy. It has become abundantly clear that Porter was looking for a reason to go off on one of his now-patented irrelevant insane rants. And the way Stevens has conducted himself with class and dignity - besides being likely to piss off the head of the Philadelphia chapter of the NAACP - has basically ensured that everyone knows Joey Porter is a nutjob.

Um, Super Bowl predictions tomorrow? Guys? Guys?

UPDATED TO SAY: As if there weren't enough reasons to love Chuck Klosterman, he did a livechat with ESPN today and offered up pearls of Klosterwisdom such as these:

Matthew: Have you ever wanted to give a Reggie Roby punt to that punk Skip Bayless?
Klosterman: I have never met that dude. But "yes."

Ace: Why does every woman hate Scarlett Johannson?
Klosterman: Because she nailed their boyfriend, probably.

TJ: Do you think Joey Porter's comments will help or hurt the Steelers?
Klosterman: I think -- like all media constructions -- they will have no tangible impact.

Terry Davis: Why has Kobe been villified for everything Jordan is praised for?
Klosterman: Well, the easy answer would be that he is perceived as a probable rapist. However, I suspect it has more to do with his own sense of his iconography.

Andy: A girl with a great body but a terrible/below average face is called a "butterface." Is there a name for a girl with a below-average body but a really attractive face?
Klosterman: "Most people."

I love this man.


At 5:06 PM, February 05, 2006, Blogger Nipsey said...

I think at some point Fu requested predicktions (that's a dick joke) for the Superfluous Bowl. So for the record my XL prediction (it's a big one) is as follows:

Final Score: Steelers 24 Seahawks 24

It'll be the first tie in Super Bowl history.



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