Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday doldrumage

I have class in an hour, so I'd like to get something written down in blog form, but there just isn't much out there right now that interests me. I know that to many Buckeye fans such a sentiment is sacrilege, considering that it's OH JESUS CHRIST NATIONAL LETTER OF EFFING INTENT DAY, but I am notorious in some circles for being one of "those guys" who doesn't give an ass about the whole thing. Yes, recruiting is the "lifeblood" of every program. Yes, without decent players, you'd be stuck with ... not decent players, and yes, that would almost certainly lead to sub-par results, football-wise. But I have no control over the subject, and I have a minimal ability to truly gauge how good of a class we put together, because recruiting rankings mean precisely jack squat. That's a technical term. I mean, in this business kids get bumped up two stars when they friggin' start a rumor that Notre Dame even talked to them. In this business A.J. Hawk was evaluated as a worse LB prospect than ... shit, everyone. In this business Sammy Maldonado was a five-star can't-miss running back while Chris Gamble was a two-star wide receiver whose only offers were from Ohio State and Fresno State. So forgive me if I don't get all OMG about the whole thing. But for those of you who are, you can keep track of the Bucks' LOI-age here. Although, if you're the type of person who will eagerly look at said link, you probably already have the page bookmarked and have been checking it every ten minutes all day. If you have been, that's cool; I won't judge. Just understand where I'm coming from on this one. Shnoogans.

In the realm of things that I find moderately more interesting, let's get into some ... speculation! Woo hoo! Tony Gerdeman from The O-Zone recently put up a tandem of "Twenty Questions" columns, wherein he poses questions to himself and then answers them. It's not as pointless as it sounds ... well, yeah, it probably is. But we have like seven months until college football starts up again, and as I am on a Ramadan-like fast from watching the ceaselessly infuriating Buckeye basketball team (ask Todd - it's true), I have precious little on my sports mind at the moment. So I suggest that you check out the two pieces (located hee-ah and hee-ah) and we can have a discussion on them. A chatauqua, if you will. Or a colloquia, if you feel like being particularly prolix (which I undoubtedly do). I will check back with my responses and thoughts on the Qs when I get a chance, although I have to say that when reading this little nugget:

When people want to talk about the nine starters lost on defense, remind them that there are seven guys coming back on defense who have started (Richardson, Patterson, Pitcock, D’Andrea, Laurinaitis, Mitchell, and Jenkins), and that the best player on defense (Marcus Freeman) isn’t one of them

... I get all warm and tingly in regions that I'm just not comfortable talking to you guys about. Okay, that's a lie. But the tingling, she's there. Will the D be as good as '05? Of course not. Will ... ack, I have to do this later.

Also, some time this week, we all obviously have to do some sure-to-be-wrong Super Bowl predictions. Because in case you guys didn't know, the NFL rules the planet. It's twoo.

Peace, bitches.


At 6:06 PM, February 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Break of Dawn (from football factory Flat Rock Community High School) has signed a national letter of intent, pledging his next 4 years of service to THE University of Michigan.

When reached for comment, Lloyd Carr responded by saying 'Who in the FUCK is Break of Dawn?'"

At 8:35 PM, February 01, 2006, Blogger Jack Fu said...


You fascist.

Come on. You're better than that.

At 10:00 PM, February 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not better than that. Really, I'm not.


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