Monday, January 23, 2006

The weekend that was


The conference championship games were appallingly one-sided and boring. Boo-urns. But then, the homogenized NFL is usually boring, so I guess that wasn't so new. Still, "playoff football" has a ring to it that usually gets me interested, so I watched. The dreadful games took my interest and fuh-lushed it. Ah well. Let the Fortnight of Over-analcysting and the Bash Detroit wars begin!

College basketball:

Pretty decent weekend for my selfish personal rooting interests, all things considered. The Buckeyes took out a suddenly-pesky Penn State team, one that recently throttled Purdue and earned their first in-conference road win since the Brothers Crispin roamed the Nittany Kitty backcourt. It was a tough one because Terence Dials spent much of the game either foul- or injury-prone, to the point where the Bucks occasionally had no one on the court taller than Matt Sylvester. I wasn't happy about the 3-pt FG number jumping up again (23 threes attempted, compared to the 15 in the Wisconsin W), but a win is, indeed, a win.

Speaking of the Steenking Badgers, they lost at home to North Dakota State, 62-55. I didn't even know that North Dakota had a "state." "Inexplicable" does not even begin to describe this result. More from (who is) Andy Katz. (Link credits to Wonk).

Duke lost to Georgetown. Billy Fudge was noticeably angry.

Our beloved Fighting Pittsnogles went on the road and beat UCLA, 60-56, and have now jumped up to 9th in the AP poll. Pittsnogle himself only notched 8 points, but that can largely be forgiven since, as the article points out, he may have been a bit distracted. Why? Well, let's just say that within the next few weeks we can be expecting the SPAWN OF PITTSNOGLE. Congrats to him and his special lady friend. In other news, the Gansey Man can, Marge. The Gansey Man can.

The #2 Florida Gators lost to Tennessee, 80-76. I am largely okay with Florida doing this well. Thus far in the season, they have played one team that is currently ranked, and at the moment, they are the only SEC team that's ranked. Such a confluence of circumstances could land them a #1 seed, which would go a long way in making Jeff and my dreams come true (please please please)...

Media bashing:

Yay for more: it's Detroit-centric, and, in particular, Lions-new-coach-centric, but the writer highlights a lot of problems sports columnists exhibit nowadays, and he hits on two of my favorite Detroit media targets: resident Sports Bastards Drew Sharp and Rob Parker. It's worth a read, trust me, and not only because the blog sports what is probably the best sports-oriented name in the blogosphere.


At 3:35 PM, January 24, 2006, Blogger The Diddy said...

I just wanted to tell Evan that I love him. The pokemon lyrics were fantastic. Even if they weren't, I would still love him., if Evan is reading.

At 11:34 PM, January 24, 2006, Blogger Ian C. said...

Hey, thanks for the link (and love for the blog name).

That was an embarrassing day for the Detroit sports media. Ripping Rob Parker is shooting fish in the proverbial barrel, but I think it's important to remind people just how terrible he is.

Any blog that writes about sports and 80's music has its mind in the right place. Rock on.

At 11:48 PM, January 26, 2006, Blogger Torgonator said...

I thought you might like those lyrics. I about fell out of my chair when I heard "Bugurgle-urp on your 'do" in the video. That's when I knew I had to share it with the world... via

And I have to concur with Jack Fu that Ian's blog is very likely the best name I've seen for a blog of any variety. Fantastic. And that article on the Detroit media was really good - especially impressive for a reader with no vested interest in Detroit or its media.


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