Saturday, January 07, 2006

Charlie Weis Hates Retards

And, no, I'm not joking. Cave informed me of this last night, but since he doesn't ever look at, let alone comment, I'll take responsibility for announcing this to all 4 of our loyal readers.

So where do we get this impression? Well, Cave, being a senior student athletic trainer with the Ohio State football team traveled with the team to Tempe for the 2006 Fiesta Bowl. One of the nights before the game, Charlie Weis spoke to both the Notre Dame and OSU football teams and a few other people at an organized event.

Cave was not in attendance at this event, but apparently some of the things Charlie said really made an impression on the Buckeye football players and they couldn't stop talking about it afterwards. So what did Charlie say that was so interesting? Well, Charlie apparently has a daughter who is mentally challenged and what he decided to tell everyone about her is that he thinks that she is Satan and she is a test from God, so he treats her as such. Yes, you read that right. has always endorsed offensive behavior, but even I find this despicable and ridiculous. Not only do I find it sad that he could view his own daughter in such a way, but it warrants mentioning that for his belief to hold any water, this would mean that God would have to be in league with Satan in order to execute this test - and that just seems ridiculous by anybody's religious standard, especially for a graduate and coach of a Catholic university.

And in case there was any doubt, the OSU football players felt pretty much the same way. To put it succinctly, the team generally felt that Charlie is a gigantic prick. I only hope that the team was a little more fired up to face his team on the gridiron.

I didn't quite know what to think of Charlie when he got hired at Notred Dame. However, after hearing this story and the arrogant words Charlie had during the pre-Fiesta Bowl press conferences (e.g., Charlie declaring that one of his Super Bowl rings is worth more than all five of Tressel's college championship rings put together), I realized that Weis is an arrogant, pathetic, and despicable human being. I thought I hated Notre Dame, but now I hate Notre Dame and the only thing that ranks up there near having teams or players to root for is having teams or players to root against. And boy am I going to root hard against Notre Dame.


At 6:54 PM, January 07, 2006, Blogger Jack Fu said...

Since Cave never looks at, I feel somewhat safe in saying that I take this story with a grain of salt. He told me the same story on Tuesday morning, and I was somewhat amazed by/incredulous at it. And since Cave wasn't actually at the reception, this is a telephone-type of thing. Purple monkey dishwasher. So I'm not sure how much of the story I'm gonna take as fact.

At 4:48 PM, January 08, 2006, Blogger Torgonator said...

I'm not sure why Cave not looking at this site makes his story any less credible. I don't really see the connection there...

And, no, I have no way of proving that this story is 100% fact. But I trust the Cave - he has never lied to me that I know of. And it wasn't as if only one football player told him this story, it was all the players that he talked to. I have a tough time believing that all of the players just happened to misinterpret Charlie's speech in the same way. So while we can't prove this story I'd have a tough time believing there isn't at least a substantial seed of truth in it all.

Oh, and thanks for nonchalantly trying to knock the legs out from underneath my story. You could have mentioned that there might be at least some truth to it or you could have commented that the story was at least interesting, even if we can't prove it to be true. But no, you just wanted to tear it all apart and throw me no bones whatsoever.

This reminded my why I don't post on here often. This just ain't worth it... peace out.

Remove me as a contributor.

At 11:08 PM, January 08, 2006, Blogger Jack Fu said...

Cave not looking at the site doesn't make the story less credible, it makes me feel safer in saying that I'm not sure how much of the story I believe. Cave is an earnest fellow, and I wouldn't feel entirely right telling him that I found the story somewhat ... fantastical.

And I'm slipping and sliding all over your vag juice, you girl. Of course it might be true; that goes without saying. But when Cave told it to me, I just found it a little unbelievable. Not that it's an outright lie, but, I mean, it's totally hearsay, and I'm just never sure I can completely trust the veracity of hearsay...

At 1:43 PM, January 09, 2006, Blogger Torgonator said...

My point was that with almost all of my posts, these are the responses I get, either (1) I get no response from anyone, or (2) I get a comment from someone that has nothing to do with my post, or (3) I get a dismissive response.

It's frustrating to be asked frequently to post and then to get less than lukewarm responses when I do. I feel like I keep getting thrown under the bus.

I've tried to say in the past that I was done contributing when I was getting dismissed repeatedly, but I got convinced to join the fold again. Outside of the "Favorite Cave/Jeff/Todd Moments", it hasn't gone any better. Plain and simple: no one seems to be interested in hearing my perspective in this forum - that's not meant to sound self-pitying, it's just true. And posting for myself just isn't very fulfilling. Maybe I'm just not cut out for this - so I'll cut bait.

... I was pretty stressed out yesterday. I didn't mean to take this out all on you. It's just that your comments seemed pretty harsh to me after I had sucked up the courage to try to post something again. Your comments weren't that bad but it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. I apologize.

At 4:56 PM, January 09, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice that through all this turmoil "torgonator" is still listed as a contributor.

break of dawn


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