Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hey, it's a Post: Post-Christmas Edition!

I'm not going to put up the whole league's scores (having adopted a policy of doing it only on mornings where at least 2 bowl games have been played since the last update on here), but suffice it say, I am happy to announce that DeAngelo Williams and Memphis have helped me ascend to my rightful place atop thebowl.challenge's leaderboard. I currently lead Nipsey Russel by a scant 1 point margin, and Dids by 2. Huzzah for Constitution!

Seeing as how Clemson plays later today, we'll start this HIAP off with EDSBS's giggity about "Tommy Bowden's slut-ass daughter." We at the MWB do not endorse such filth, but we'll happily link to links to it. Yes, two degrees of separation is enough for me. (Bonus post from EDSBS: a preview of the Champs Sports Bowl, featuring both a Bel Biv DeVoe reference and a pretty funny Phil Fulmer/Tommy Bowden story.)

For no valid reason at all: "I'd hit it!".

MWB anti-fave Stewart Mandel is dealing with the dearth of CFB subject matter to talk about by throwing out a thoroughly irrelevant list of CFB's best recruiters. Durrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Dennis Dodd's (aka, "Satan") picture on CSBSportsline makes him look less like a serial rapist than he used to. No, that's not saying a lot.

I think this is the first Rose Bowl preview I've seen that's mentioned Dominique Byrd and (*angry grunt*) Fred Davis as possible keys for a Trojan victory. In case you didn't notice, 2005 USC is the Greatest Team of All-Time and would beat the socks, pants, and suspenders off of any other good team ever period end of story. Just like Oklahoma in 2003. Stupid media. Fuckers.

Courtesy of Buckeye Commentary, we have the Dayton Daily News's list of The Top 10 Plays that Shaped OSU's Season. Several are depressing and/or anger-inducing, and some made me downright giddy to think about. It's certainly been a wild season, kiddies.

And, finally, even though the game remains a week away, here's some Fiesta Bowl holiday cheer (and wonderful Trev Alberts and Mark May bashing), regarding certain events which transpired in late 2002 and early 2003. Huzzah, baby. Huzzah.


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