Sunday, December 25, 2005

Thebowl.challenge: Merry Christmas Edition!

Third request for "Z. Zaret" or anyone who knows Z. Zaret to please pick one set of picks and stick with it. One entry per person, that is all. Also, Merry Christmas.

1Steven ScrumptiousJ. Maynard5-132380
2This is My EntryP. Wholezinga6-032977
3Splatterdome Brady QuinnJ. Moyer5-133074
4Jew-Drew BreesT. Hykes5-133272
4DurhamR. Durham5-132972
6LEEEEEROOOOOYYY!E. Fairchild4-230665
7Santa's Little HelperMaw and Paw Moyer6-034561
8Charlie Weiss is FatJ. Wise6-035551
9ShinyK. Sandberg3-333130
10NyholmM. Nyholm4-236729
11Big Jim Slade's WinnersA. Schill4-236124
12Tedd E Inge 4 HeismanS. Mizer5-137921
13Unoriginal BastardR. Davis5-138520
14BuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuungZ. Zaret0-63850


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