Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Nawlins Bowl 3rd Quarter

3rd Quarter (10-10)
Well, I just got off the phone with J-Fu, a big MWB congrats on the engagement to him and K. Meanwhile, Rob Stone is talking to USM head coach with still no headset on. Coach says they aren’t tackling and can’t contain the QB which is totally accurate. Fatty kicker gut boots one OB.

ASU from the ASU 35 15:00
Someone [besides me] should really note how fat USM’s punter/kicker/gut really is. It’s like the Beamer stuck on the goiter, the gut is really in control. Update on Star RB ASU Warren, he’s gonna try and go, but hasn’t left the locker-room yet. Incomplete 1 and 2, 3rd and 10. They finally tackle someone on a sack. Solid 3 and out for So Miss. Punt, caught, and falls down.

USM from the USM 26 14:15
This game could really use some offense. I’m getting pretty bored with these boneheads. So Miss tries to run a screen, but the Ark St. DE is so slow, he can’t get out of the way and blows it up by being terrible. 3rd and 10. Terrible throw by Almond. He’s got a great arm, but loses accuracy for no apparent reason. Fatty (grunt) punt. Minimal return. Man, there’s been a lot of commercials in this game. I guess it is 10:11pm and we’re barely into the third. Way overdue for a Katrina Ref.

Ark St from the Ark St 20 13:03
Wow!! A terrible fumble by No-chay on the shotgun snap, then misses it trying to pick it up, and uber-Coley gobbles it up for So Miss.

USM from the Ark St 12 12:26
Two runs and USM pounds the vag, possibly deep in the corner to score. Headset off. Hands up. Xtra point good. USM 17 Ark St. 10

We get another look at Fatty-K gut. He gets all of his body behind it and puts in through the end zone.

ASU from the ASU 20 11:44
Still no sight of Warren, but he does blend into the shadows pretty well. A nice catch by a ASU WR for 25. There’s been several good catches in this game. Holy crap. No-Chay gives a pump-fake and the CB bites harder than Erin leaving the guy wide open. Down to the USM 13. Yikes. Kevis Coley has 150 tackles on the season. A bonehead pass interference on 3rd down, giving it to ASU on the 2. Wow, so Warren is back in the game, then No-chay jukes the ENTIRE team on a fake QB draw and hits the tight end. Why wouldn’t he? PAT. USM 17 Ark St. 17

“Don’t eat junky, eat chunky.” Mama McNabb has had that commercial on 9 times so far in this game. I’m not kidding. I’ve counted. That’s more MM than Katrina. She has a slight lead at 9-7.

Squibby kickoff….slowly goes OB.

USM from own 35 8:51
Oh MY GOD. Myron Anderson, ASU DL, has not 1, BUT 2 omegas on his bicep. If I had known that, it would have factored into my confidence points. Meanwhile, USM’s O-line is controlling this game, which is then noted by Spielman as well. Not sure thinking like Spielman makes me feel all that good. And Paterno was named AP coach of the year. Happy 79th b-day joepa. Stupid TE, STAY IN BOUNDS!! This game is taking forever. Another promo for UTEP/Toledo. I wish I’d have kept track of those as well. Wow, Almond jukes the camera-man by making a Belasari-esque, hide it behind your back, play fake then hits the TE for a TD. Hands up. USM 24 Ark St. 17

More fatty kicker airtime. Let’s be honest though. That gut makes it’s own airtime. And shanked OB. That’s 4 OB kickoffs in this game. Bizarre.

Ark St. from own 35 6:08
How sweet, the Ark St team visited a local hospital while in Lafayette. I bet that helps with community service hours. No-chay gets sacked as an ASU player teabags an orderly. 3rd down…screen. Almost pick 6. That would have been yooge. Punt time. Line drive, no return.

USM own 26 4:30
No commercial this time. I think they might be out. Headset on. There we go. KRN 8. That was WAY overdue. Myron Anderson off-sides. Once you get those omegas moving, they don’t slow down. Headset off. So Miss RB decides to run directly into the D-lineman. Bad choice. Headset off. They just keep showing the USM coach. Haha, headset on. Ark St. hillbilly won’t be happy about his lack of pub. A bizarre 3 and, headset off, out. Wow, snapped way over the (headset off) gut and through the end zone for a safety. Mmmmkay. USM 24 Ark St. 19

Nice return on the free kick.

Ark St from USM 49 2:14
No-chay is just killing So Miss on broken plays. Another pump fake, but this time USM is ready for it. Nice adjustment by the corners. Ark St. runs a shotgun option with the RB starting directly behind the QB. Kinda weird. Well according to Mark Jones, “No-chay has graduated from the school of hard knocks”. However, he gives no reason for saying it. Really nice hold for So Miss on the short field. Punt. Fair catch. Sideline report. YES!! KRN 9!! Nice work Rob, you’ve tied KRN up with MM at 9 all.

USM from own 13 0:52Headset off. Jonesey, quick on the trigger with two Katrina refs in a row giving KRN an 11-9 lead. 3rd down, caught short of the first, fumbled forward, recovered by USM for a first down. Bizarre. And with that the third quarter ends. USM 24 Ark St. 19


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