Monday, December 12, 2005


Now, I'm no Duke fan, but I do think that a lot of people go out of their way to rip on J.J. Redick, saying "he may be a good shooter, but he can't create anything off the dribble" or "he's a good spot-up shooter in college, but he has no chance of making it in the NBA." Every single rip on Redick is some variation on those sentences, and I'm not gonna say whether or not I think some of it is racial (but it is). The plain fact is, the kid is legit; no, he's not the quickest guy in the world, but he has just enough driving ability to make you sag off him a little so that he can get the J off, and he can beat you off the dribble if you're overcompensating for his jumper. But the guy takes a ricockulous amount of abuse from opposing fans, and yes, I think some of it is largely amusing. And that leads me to the reason for this post: the picture on the right. It is really goddamn funny, and I wish I had seen it earlier.

That is all.


At 6:24 PM, December 12, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

On a totally unrelated Darko (I know) note, I am saying right now that I am totally embarrassed that I didn't notice until just now that a few weeks ago Rasheed Wallace referred to Darko Milicic as a "Serbian gangster." It came after a game in which Darko didn't back down to Dikembe Mutombo after the Elbowed Nigerian was doing some of his token finger-wagging. 'Sheed followed up that statement by saying "Darko's got some bodies back there (in Serbia-Montenegro). He can go psycho on guys."

I love 'Sheed.


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