Friday, November 18, 2005

Preview Game Michigan Jobbie

Okay, so The Game. Preview, bloggy-style.

Like Todd E. Bear, I have to say that the game, while anal-cyst-able to a remarkably specific degree, comes down to one, maybe two factors: whether or not Troy Smith turns the ball over, and whether or not OSU stops the run.

These things both relate to turnovers, one obviously and one semi-obliquely. The Troy Smith part speaks for itself. The Michigan part, however, is also easily discernable.

(I feel that it's relevant to point that it is 11:00 p.m. the night before the game. Also, I'm drunk. The Diddy, Torgs, Nips, Kristin, and Al are all a mere few feet away from me, on the other side of the wall. Currently, they're engaging in an a cappela rendering of "Cherry Cherry" by Neil Diamond. Well, at least Al is. Anyway...)

If OSU is able to stop the run, as they did last year, they'll be able to force Michigan into obvious passing situations, and they'll be able to pin their ears back and go after Chad Henne (Chenne?). Being the sophomore that he is, Henne will make mistakes under such pressure. The question is, whether or not such pressure will be applied. (Not there, THERE!) Judicious blitzes and the creative use of Donte Whitner -- a formula which has worked thus far this year -- should hopefully be able to carry the day. Hopefully.

But, this is OSU-Michigan, and the game is a coin-flip. Why? Because it always is. OSU seems better on paper ... but Michigan is at home. Michigan is banged up (Mike Hart and Jake Long, among others) ... but they're a home underdog, and home 'dogs in this series have performed very well, historically. The game looks even on paper. What does that mean? Steve Breaston and Theodore Reginald Inge, Jr. have a chance to greatly affect an otherwise even game with their kick return abilities, and, of course ... turnovers and whoever runs the ball better are likely to decide the game. *Sigh* We'll see how it turns out...


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