Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Numbered thoughts

1) I really enjoyed Fui's cavalcade this week is which he kept mentioning Michael Vick and Wellington Mara's death. B\c he's right on, that's what is was like trying to watch the V-Tech game or the NFL this past weekend

2) Am I the only one who loves the fact the computer are involved in the BCS?? Honestly, if they switched to a plus 1 system, I think that would be perfect. People are complaining that the computers are screwing it up, FALSE. The single biggest factor in the BCS is where you start the season ranked, unless you're notre dame. Has anyone else noticed that ND is 9th in the human polls and 22nd in the computer average? I'm still trying to figure out how they're gonna get this team in the BCS. They want to. If you compare OSU to ND as to who the better 2 loss team is, the bucks are CLEARLY better.

3) I heard someone say that the Texas win over Ohio St. doesn't look as impressive now as it did earlier in the year. My head exploded.

4) My vote right now is Ohio St. vs. UCLA in the Fiesta Bowl. Oh, I would love to stick it to them and make everyone shutup. This UCLA team is crap.

5) I've been hearing that the ACC and PAC-10 are CLEARLY the best two conferences this year. Guess what Pac-10, when all your good wins are against your own conference, that doesn't work. I think we'll see some more reasonable results once bowl season gets here.

6) With Miami-VTech and Penn St-Wisky this week, expect Ohio St. to really be the computer darlings when the BCS is released next week.

7) Marcus Vick - I actually think the guy is really good. He's better than the elder Vick. The problem is, Mike Vick is basically considered the savior of man with herpes.

8) Wisconsin is crap, and Penn St is much better than I realized. The kitties should have ZERO trouble with wisky this week. That's why I'm picking the badgers to win by 14.

9) If I had a vote in a major poll, there's no way I could vote Notre Dame higher than Penn St. and live with myself.

10) USC is going to play UCLA and they're both gonna be unbeaten and ranked in the top 5. Who wants to guess the early spread on this game?? Right now, I bet it'll be around 14, but it should be about 20. I'd like to see the last time two top 5 teams met in Novemeber and one team was favored by 3TDs


At 12:41 PM, November 01, 2005, Blogger Jack Fu said...

1.) Wait a minute ... Wellington Mara died and Tedy Bruschi played? Get OUT! Why didn't anyone mention that?

2.) My only problem with the "plus one" system is that it creates the possibility that a 2-loss team could win the national title (Recent examples: Colorado in '01 and Michigan in '03. Both were top-4 going into the bowls despite having 2 losses apiece. "They both lost their bowl games and therefore wouldn't have played in the "'lus one' game," you say? Well I say they should never have gotten the chance). I said it before and I'll say it again: college football is the one sport that truly tries to reward the team that had the best season, and, in my humble opinion, that can never be a 2-loss team. Barring WILDLY unforeseen circumstances, I guess.

And I think the rule is that Notre Dame automatically gets in a BCS game if they're in the top-8 in the final BCS rankings. I think.

3.) Please, please tell me who the fuck said that Texas's win at the 'Shoe looks "less impressive" now. I need to practice my letter-bombing skills.

6.) I quite simply don't follow the logic behind this statement:

"With Miami-VTech and Penn St-Wisky this week, expect Ohio St. to really be the computer darlings when the BCS is released next week."

Um, why?

7.) I totally agree. He's still an amusingly erratic passer, but he's much better than Ron Mexico.

8.) While I admire the "Go with the opposite of what makes sense" instinct ... I just ... I just can't see Wisky going into Happy Valley and winning. And yes, that's as good a reason as any why they WILL...

Also, lastly, with Big Ten basketball closing in, ridiculously prolific blogger Big Ten Wonk has returned from his 7-month hiatus with a MAMMOTH post, detailing how his upcoming previews (or "reviews," or whatever the hell he's calling them) are going to work. It probably goes without saying that I highly recommend it, and have added a semi-permanent link over in the Links section.

At 8:11 PM, November 01, 2005, Blogger Torgonator said...

1.) I want to pat myself on the back here for calling the second-half crumble of OK State this past weekend. I spoke with Jack at the half and predicted that the Cowpokes would fall apart the second half and that Texas would end up winning big. Okay, so it wasn't the wildest prediction ever, but I'm proud of myself. I love me.

2.) I also love that the computers are involved in the BCS. Your base are belong to us.

3.) Yes, Notre Dame has to place in the top 8 in the BCS rankings in order to qualify for a BCS spot.

4.) I, too, am curious about the statement about OSU becoming the computer darlings. I don't necessarily agree or disagree I just don't understand the logic behind it.

5.) Also, if you think USC will be favored to win their game against UCLA, how does that equate to one team being "favored by 3 TDs"? You're clearly not Asian.

6.) The only bowl/playoff system I would fully endorse would be one where I get to decide who plays for the national championship.


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