Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Thebowl.challenge: One Game Down!

So kiddies, one game is in the books in thebowl.challenge, an event for which I am proud to say we received 13 entrants, despite Al's bitch-ass ... well ... bitch-assing out. Anyway, let's take a look at the leader board, through the games of December 20 (and introducing ... THE NEW ADVENTURES OF JACK FU IN HTML!!):

1HONK!J. Maynard1-037927
1This is My EntryP. Wholezingah1-037927
3Jew-Drew BreesT. Hykes1-038026
4ShinyK. Sandberg1-038125
5Splatterdome Brady QuinnJ. Moyer1-039214
6DurhamR. Durham1-039610
7Santa's Little HelperMaw and Paw Moyer1-04024
8Charlie Weiss is FatJ. Wise1-04042
9NyholmM. Nyholm1-04051
9Big Jim Slade's WinnersA. Schill1-04051
9Tedd E Inge 4 HeismanS. Mizer1-04051
12Unoriginal BastardR. Davis0-14050
13LEEEEEROOOOOYYY!E. Fairchild0-13800


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