Friday, December 23, 2005

Poinsettia Bowl Third Quarter

Actual halftime quote by Fowler, regarding Lubick saying he was worried about Navy's speed on offense: "Now, when you face a service academy, and you're really worried about a speed deficit, I don't want to say that you've got some thick ankles on that defense, but you've got some thick ankles on that defense." Jesus Fowler, don't let the terrorists hear you say that, or we're all gonna be in trouble.

Navy had 217 rushing yards, at 9 yards per carry, and they scored 27 points in less than 11:00 in time of possession. Unless things get interesting, this is gonna be a lot shorter and less in-depth, 'cause it's already 12:45.

Navy ball, own 36
Big 3rd-and-2 for CSU, this defense really needs some confidence. Pitch to Campbell gets it easily. Hey, the Pittsnogles blew out Oklahoma. Badass. 3rd-and-6, here comes the option… nope, Ballard up the middle on the triple option, and he gets 5. They're going for it on 4th-and-1 at the CSU 46. Cold-motherfucking-blooded. Ballard gets it, plus about 5 more. Option pass for 20. This defense is fucking pathetic. Quick pitch to Campbell, and he cuts it upfield, never gets touched, and scores a 21-yd TD. They are absolutely burninating CSU on the ground, and they've got the Rams so fucked right now because of the playcalling: they're terrified of Ballard up the middle, and they still haven't come close to stopping the pitch and option pitch. So they're totally stuck. 34-10, Navy.

CSU ball, own 19, 11:15
Two Bell rushes net 20 yards. Two more net 4 yards. 3rd-and-6 … pass to Anderson gets it barely. CSU has moved the ball like crazy – how the hell do they only have 10 points? Pass for 19 yds … zzzzzzzzzzzzz. More Kyle Bell … hey, it's eating up time. Ooh, a reverse! Down to the 7. Draw to Bell loses 3. PA TD pass by Holland. That was yooge for the Rams, so that they're maybe sort of still in the game here. Try getting a stop before you celebrate too much there, sideline. Yes, you've been personified now. 34-17, Navy. Holland is 20-27 for 228 yds, 1 TD, 0 INT. Also, he's one of those guys who shaves his head to cover up the fact that he is clearly balding. That's all Michael Jordan's doing, that.

Navy ball, own 28, 7:20
RIDE AND DECIDE! I think that was the slogan at the Gothic Asshole. Welcome to the Adam Ballard show. Navy throws an incomplete pass that stops the clock. Also, I'm contemplating murdering a small animal. 3rd down option pitch doesn't get the first. Is this getting interesting? Holy shit, they're going for it on 4th-and-2 at their own 45 … unless they don't. They take a TO, and they're punting. Back from commercial and now they're totally going for it. The CSU DL is in the backfield before Owens can even turn, and holy crap things just got a lot more interesting.

CSU ball, Navy's 45, 4:56
First play is a 25-yard gain on a post route to Anderson. Hachi machi. Two straight Bell runs net -1 yards. Big play here. Touchdown, CSU. Navy actually got some pressure, but Holland chucked it up in the air, and CSU's 6'4" white receiver went up over Navy's black midget DB. I think he was in "Me, Myself, and Irene." Oh, no one saw that movie? My bad. 34-24, Navy.

Navy ball, own 30, 3:05
First play is a gorgeous reverse for a 23-yd gain across midfield. FB option pitch to Ballard for 9. Guess what's coming … Ballard up the middle gets the first down easily. Curry says CSU is really attacking the running game now, and he expects a PA pass any minute now. Wow…FIRST PLAY after he says that, they run the option pass and noone is within 10 yards of Campbell. 34-yard TD. Five TDs and 300+ yds of total offense for Campbell. Curry says that it's a tough dilemma having to deal with a good option team that also has an accurate QB. Well, that leaves out Eric Crouch. Nice answer by the Middies. 41-24, Navy

CSU ball, own 21, 1:36I'm tired and it's 1:27 a.m. and CSU is out to their own 28 and that's the third. 41-24, Navy.


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