Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Yay for mainstream media bashing!

Theblog.net has expounded on several occasions about our dislike for a certain kind of sports media personality, and I was delighted to find a few pertinent sites which offer more enlightenment on the subject. The first is a fantastic explanation of what I had previously labeled the "devil's advocate" school of sports journalism, courtesy of the UofM blog iBlog for Cookies. The gorgeous definition of the "school" is located under the second "ubiquitous trait that bugs the hell out of (him)." It is a refinement of what we here at the MWB have tried to say, but have never bothered to put into the eloquent words utilized therein (Although I have to say that I don't share his dislike of Jim Rome, mainly because, despite the admittedly true observation that Rome offers no genuine insight into ... well, anything, I just find the guy really funny. I don't listen to him to acquire insight; I listen to laugh, and I do more often than not).

The second thingy is a neat little feature on Deadspin titled "Why your hometown columnist sucks." To describe the ongoing piece as "boneriffic" would be a mild understatement. But the best thing is that it tackles two persistent targets of theblog.net's vitriol: Dan LeBatard and Skip Bayless. Yay for bashing. Yay.


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