Friday, January 27, 2006

'Snoglian goodness

I was thinking I should have included this in HiaP, but in retrospect it certainly deserves its own post. Now, we're all aware of Grant Wahl and his affinity for soccer and the supremely overrated Marvin O'Connor-led St. Joe's teams of the early 'aughts. But this piece, his seventh annual "Magic Eight," contains YET ANOTHER reason to fulfill your patriotic duty AND ROOT FOR WEST VIRGINIA:

West Virginia actually has plays called "Double Quickie Potato," "Dirty Harry,"
and (my personal favorite) "Best Play Ever." Imagine the terror a defender must
feel when he hears Mountaineers coach John Beilein call out "Best Play Ever."

I know I've made it known over and over and over again, but it can never be said enough: I (heart) John Beilein. LET'S GO 'SNOGLES!


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