Sunday, February 26, 2006

Links are good for your health

I have two papers to finish in the next couple days, so ... yeah.

On the plus side, we're obviously in touch with a solid market, considering that we're getting traffic from searches for "norwegian curling, calender" and "austrian curling babes." But the best part is that someone actually reached using this (THIS!) yahoo search.
(Update: like, five minutes after I made this post, someone else got the site using this search, where we were conveniently the #1 match. Boys, I think we found the key to pumping up the readership numbers!)
(Update to the udpate: you can add "lisa guerrero nude" and "john daly says screw trying to deal with alcoholism" to the list of searches which took interweb surfers to the MWB. I feel good about us going after this market, guys.)

Now, each and every loyal MWB reader is well aware of our, uh, distaste for one Skip Bayless. It was never in doubt that we were not alone in this regard, but I am happy to report that there are others who 1.) clearly share our feelings, and 2.) are MUCH more creative than we are. So, I present unto you, via Van Dusen Speaks, Important Historical Events as Chronicled by Skip Bayless, parts one and two. I think this is my favorite, from "April 13, 1952":

You mean to tell me your new fancy vaccine that everyone is talking about involves actually injecting the polio virus into yourself. Spare me, Dr. Salk. Next time I want to avoid drowning I should probably drive my car into the East River, right? And you wonder why nobody likes doctors...

The rumor mill says Vince Young scored a 6 on the wonderlic: argle bargle or fooforah? (There's a 99% chance that only Jeff gets that joke.)

If you ever wondered what it would be like to see the "Bride v. GoGo" fight in "Kill Bill Vol. 1" with "Mario Bros." sound effects and the "Super Mario 2" theme playing in the background the whole time, well, wonder no more.

Finally ... I mean, this has been linked friggin' everywhere, but if my compadres have not yet seen it, denying them the opportunity would be truly cruel. Ladies and gents, I give you mad photoshop genius ... Chewbacca.


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