Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More than meme's the eye

Okay, the paper is coming along swimmingly (yeah, that's a lie), but I've noticed that reader interaction has been apathetic at best recently. And, since I noticed this little interwebs meme going around the CFB blogging community, I thought we should give it a try here, just so's to get peoples talking. And, uh ... stuff. For flavor, the original is over at Gunslingers, and EDSBS's response is nyah.

To play along, please answer the following questions honestly. If you have "contributor" status and can make posts, please put your response in a post of your own. If you don't have such capabilities, post you answers in a comment to this post. Have fun and be honest. No one likes liars.

1.) What is the worst DVD/video you own? Everyone has one. On the stack of videos there's always one that you got because it was on sale and you planned on renting it anyway, or you got it as a gift, or something. And there it sits. Staring back at you. When friends or acquaintances come over and naturally see what movies you have, you consider it like a puss-filled cold sore, hoping others ignore it but admitting that it's too blatantly obvious, especially considering your own awesome awesome taste in movies. Spousally owned movies do not count (Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde would win in a landslide, but that was the Lady's before marriage and remains hers alone now).

2.) What is the worst concert you've ever seen in person? This is a more open-ended question. It can be a terrible artist that you ended up seeing for some reason (work, a friend had free tickets, you were assigned to write a review). It can be a favorite (or would-be favorite if not for this show) artist who just sucked the o-ring out of an ass on that particular night. Have at it.

3.) What is the worst experience you've ever had at a restaurant? Another open-ended question. This can be poor service, poor food, whatever. It can be a robbery by a crackhead, foiled by quick-footed African janitors. It can be a drive through experience.

4.) What is the worst movie you've ever seen in the theatre? Self explanatory.

5.) What is the worst book you've actually finished? You can't say "I read a few pages and it sucked so bad I put it down..." You have to have finished the book. Fiction or non-fiction. No matter.

6.) Who is the worst looking or least appealing celebrity you would have intimate relations with "just to tell the story"? Assume marital or other obligations did not exist. Assume no consequences arise therefrom. Here's where we find out just how disgusting my readers are. The person must be a celebrity though - as in needs no introduction or explanation. The opposite gender is not required.

Go hog wild.


At 1:15 PM, March 01, 2006, Anonymous AlJam4 said...

The worst DVD I own has got to be TRON special edition. Even though it has two discs, it was a complete waste of a purchase. With Jeff Bridges at the helm of one of the first, if not, THE first movie with really really crappy computer graphics. I mean come on! A guy in a $6,000 suit is gonna ride around in some sort of block ship?! Though it is the worst movie I have in my possession, TRON's a movie that introduces a clear, cold, evil antagonist in the MCP (or Master Control Program).
Coming in a close second for the worst movie in my collection would be My Science Project...wait. Nevermind, that movie's the shiznit with Fisher Stevens as the cool new kid from the east coast. MSP is awesome. Screw you bitches.

At 1:42 PM, March 01, 2006, Anonymous AlJam4 said...

2.) All have been great.
3.)The worst service that I have ever had at a restuarant would be about a year ago at the Taylor Hooters. I didn't get my birthday beer or lap dance. Instead of serving us,our waitress spent the whole time about ten feet away talking to a couple guys who were obviously from Taylor (total trash, kinda like Evan, but less gay).
4.)The worst movie I have ever seen in the movie theater would have to be a tie between Waterworld and Paycheck. Everyone knows Waterworld and how it sucks in all its sucky glory, but not everyone has heard of Paycheck. This is rightfully so because it is total garbage. I should explain why I ended up seeing this god-awful movie. Bitches. Bitches went, so I went. It's just that simple and I'm just that shallow.
Paycheck stars Ben Affleck as this super-smart programmer/designer/engineer of all things/sexy man with rugged facial hair/fuckin' ultra-sweet dude who'll sex up the shit out of co-star Uma Thurman (she plays the skank).
The premise of the movie is that Ben is hired by a good buddy for a project, the only catch was that his memory had to be erased. Ben loved the idea 'cause he's a money whore and would be paid millions of dollars after the job. BOOM! He does the job, doesn't remember a thing. Well, turns out he's SO SMART that he built a machine that can tell the future. Since it could tell the future, people would try to stop things from happening and then even more bad things would happen until the world blew up. Ben sees this (before his mind is erased) and decides to leave kick ass clues for him to find post-mindfuck.
For the love of a jesus action figure (http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/jesus.php) I'm done with this topic.
5.) Jane Auston's Pride and Prejudice. Fuckin' prudes. If Chuck Norris were here, he'd jump-kick their heads off while giving them the best orgasm of their life.
6.) I would do(do as in FUCK) the hell out of Paris Hilton. I don't care what anyone says, with all her experience being a whore, I'm sure she could pleasure me in ways that no other celebrity could. Yeah, her face is kinda busted, and yeah, she doesn't have much of a bust(BOOBS YOU FOOL, BOOBS), but I can guarentee she's a freak in the sack. An absolute freak and I dig that.
I think this comment should fulfill my obligation to comment for a while...bitches.

At 4:50 PM, March 01, 2006, Blogger Torgonator said...

Al - The way you called me trashy and gay almost makes it sound bad. I'll remember that the next time you try to pick me up while I'm wearing my rainbow-colored sports bra and leopard-print stirrup pants...


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