Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tourney Challenge - How stupid we all look

So, the less said about that national title game the better. What everyone really wants to know is, "what are the results of theblog.net's second annual tournament challenge, built by the Home Depot?" We had an unofficial record 18 participants this year, and the top 10 broke down thusly:

1. Buckeye Tom - 860 points - percentile 97.9 nationally
2. The Future Mrs. Jack Fu - 680 points - percentile 83.9
3. Yours Effing Truly - 660 points - percentile 80.2
4. Los Torgonators - 640 points - percentile 75.7
5. Dunne - 610 points - percentile 66.3
6. tie: Dids, and Mike Neary - 590 points each - both in percentile 59.6
8. Anita - 580 points - percentile 55.9
9. Reader Wise - 570 points - percentile 52.1
10. Sire of Jack Fu - 560 points - percentile 48.1

Congratulations to the winner, Buckeye Tom of The Subsidiary. He had this thing wrapped up over a week ago, as he was in first place and the only one who had any possible points remaining once the Final Four was set. But it would have been uncouth to crown him champeen of, uh ... the blog ... before it was officially official. Now that it is, a hearty "congrats" to you, good sir. A complimentary version of the home game and turtle wax and yada yada yada. PRIDE! PRIDE WAS ON THE LINE, BITCHES!!!

Special kudos go out to Scooter and Nips, who both managed to wriggle into the dreaded, "Evan in the 2002 Bowls Pick 'Em," BOTTOM TENTH OF THE COUNTRY. Scott pulled up the rear, scoring in the THIRD percentile nationally, while Nipsey outdid him by 50 points and soared up to the TENTH percentile. You guys were hammered by four girls and at least one male who doesn't even watch basketball. (And please, if you want a great laugh, check out Scooter's bracket. There are more horizontal dashes there than in an entire book written in Morse Code.) I, for one, salute you real men of genius. Huzzah.

So Dids, our resident bases-ball gives-a-crap guy, is apparently going to be coming hard with his belated baseball preview sometime in the sort-of near future. Bated breath, yes.


At 3:29 PM, April 05, 2006, Blogger Nipsey said...

How could someone possibly do worse than I did?


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