Friday, March 25, 2005

I'm heading back to the C-Bus for the weekend, and we're about to leave, so this is gonna have to be short. But for you completists out there, I'm giving my thoughts on tonight's matchups.

Michigan State vs. Duke, 7:10 pm

I really thought MSU had a good shot in this one. Until I found out that a ton of people feel that way. The Spartans are a chic underdog pick, as a lot of national prognosticators are catching on to the fact that MSU gave Duke all they wanted and more earlier this season in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. But the thing I have a problem with is people saying that MSU's depth will be the difference. People talk about how this Duke team "only plays 6 or 7 guys," apparently failing to realize that Duke's been like that ever since Brand, Avery, and Maggette left early after the '99 season. Hell, the 2001 national-champion only went 6 deep most of the time. But if those 6 players are, you know, REALLY fucking good and really well-conditioned, then it doesn't make much of a difference. Yeah, it's nice to be able to go 10 or 11 deep, but when it comes right down to it, only five get to be on the floor at a time.

The thing I like about MSU though, is that it seems like Izzo really REALLY REALLY wants this game. It hasn't gotten to Bob Knight-"I'm sick and fuckin' tired of losin' to PURDUE!"-level yet, but it seems like he'd sell a testicle to win this game. I like the fire. But can his oft-maligned players get it done for him? Here's believing that they won't.

Duke 72, Michigan State 69

NC State vs. Wisconsin, 7:30 pm

I'm not sure if the media could hate this game any more than they do. Everyone loved UConn and Kansas, and now these two teams are facing off in the round of 16. Hey, at least Todd and I got to listen to John Thompson openly rooting for Bucknell on Westwood One on our respective ways out of town last Sunday. Good times.

(By the way, that "greatest region of all-time" bullshit sure worked out, huh? Keep believing in your fraudulent "powerhouse" teams, Dickshot V. You need to get O'Hoolix to help you.)

So ... this game. Can the Badgers guard Julius Hodge? Will the Wisconsin guards keep shooting well? Will anyone be watching the game (the MSU-Duke matchup will be broadcast in 93% of the country)? I think the Wolfpack are more talented, but I think Wisky is much better in close games. This should be a back-and-forth, down-to-the-wire game that ends up somewhere in the neighborhood of...

N.C. State 61, Wisconsin 58

Utah vs. Kentucky, 9:40 pm


Utah can't keep winning, can they? Please, tell me they can't.

Oh, and today, I think the media realized for the first time that there's a possibility of another Duke-Kentucky regional final game. Boy, there's gonna be some railing for that to happen.

Still, I couldn't care less about this game.

Kentucky 72, Utah 60

Villanova vs. North Carolina, 10:00 pm

As I said last post, this matchup between the two best-looking uniforms left in the field was infinitely more interesting before 'Nova big man Curtis Sumpter got hurt. They're gonna have to find someone to replace his 15 and 8 per game. And Allen "Don't call me 'Ray Allen'" Ray has better get his head out of his ass and start shooting the ball better. Overall, smur...poo.

North Carolina 82, Villanova 66


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