Thursday, September 14, 2006

Anson Carter, Anson Carter, Anson Carter, ooooh shit, Anson Carter!

Amid all this extremely deserved hubbub (Bubrub?) surrounding an already spicy college football season, it bears mentioning that NHL training camps open in a few days with preseason games starting soon after. I’m sure I care more about this than any of my fellow blogtributors, but I really felt the need to comment on the Anson Carter signing from yesterday.
Does Doug MacLean deserve credit? You betcha. After getting in the Zherdev contract negotiation quagmire, this helps him save all kinds of face. And it may ultimately save his job.
Would we prefer Zherdev to Carter? Sure. But we’d also prefer Carter to nothing. And that’s what we were about to go into training camp with. Carter’s a truly acceptable 2nd line replacement and sounds like a damn good fit with Modin and Brule.
So I applaud MacLean up and down.
But still, this situation was just a bit too perfect for MacLean and Carter. It’s the eve of training camp and MacLean desperately needs a 2nd line forward and Carter happened to be the only acceptable solution. Carter had just been dumped by the Canucks and needed to feel needed. (Sigh.)
It’s like when the bar’s about to close and there’s one drunk single horny guy and one drunk single horny girl left. Hey you two! HOOK UP!! It’s kismet! In this situation, MacLean just got shit-ass lucky that at this stage of the game his lonely girl appears to be entirely doable. (He’s got a thing for dreadlocks.) Now we just have to wait until morning to see if she’s hot…

Stroke it Anson Carter, but don’t stroke so fast….


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