Monday, November 24, 2008

First, The Game that wasn't

It was kind of like watching a Batman movie when the Joker isn't involved. The law of averages says these things even out in the end but could our program ever get that bad? How did Michigan get to this point? Lloyd Carr leaving is the obvious turning point, but wasn't he told to retire? Was the beginning of the end the loss to Appalachian State? I have to think it was before that. They had a somewhat stacked roster as far as skilled positions with Manningham, Hart, etc. Are they becoming too academic like Notre Dame?
I think we can expect them to build back up but it'll take at least 2 more years for them to run the spread with experienced players. I almost wish Saturday's game could have been played at Michigan this year because we didn't need the home field advantage. (That would have been the one I would have made the trip to as well)

I didn't even drink that day. I stayed at home and couldn't get into it all that much. I like the fact that they suck but part of hatred is knowing you're ruining someone else's season. What are your thoughts?

(Bears/Rams game post coming this week)


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