Sunday, November 09, 2008

So we ran it up

Andre Ware was all, "I was on a shitty NFL team, I sympathize with losers, I can't believe they're running it up!" yesterday. Who cares. This is long overdue. If there's one thing Cooper had over Tressel is was the run it up mentality. (Rice 72-0) Tressell did his best "Oh, I feel bad that we scored instead of kneeling it" reaction but if he really cared he wouldn't have faked the punt. (So why did he fake the punt?) Answer: To make Michigan think about it. The punt is the most important part of Tressell ball and perhaps too many teams were cheating on coverage and setting up good returns. You have to keep them honest these days, and what better time to do it, the game was decided already. As far as the final offensive drive let me explain. Those 2nd and 3rd stringers are talented and deserve to contribute. They went from dominating their high school leagues to Big Ten football and still have to practice every day. When you don't get to play in the games you stop practicing hard, therefore it was a good move to make them feel important. I know most of them weren't scrubs but still, they deserve to play. Plus the Northwestern coach is 33 and a douchebag. He all heard that sound clip about how Tressell didn't get any chicken broth before the game. He had it coming.


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