Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm just saying

I was going to post a big blog listing the our worst loses in the recent era. Blah blah blah 35-3 two weeks ago, Air Force in that bowl game, Northwestern in '04 (because it was our first loss to them in 30 years and I was in their section), Florida, LSU...but instead of that I'm sitting here at halftime of the USC OSU Oregon State game saying to myself, "Wow, it's amazing what they're doing with their starting running back." I'm just saying...

(I also was just saying two years ago when I pointed out how much not having Ted Ginn Jr. hurt us)

I'm not sure what to look forward to this fall. We're not undefeated, the Bears are losing games in a row, the Yankees don't even interest me in their bi-annual 4 game series loss to the Angels in the first round. I've hopped on the Cubs bandwagon but that doesn't sounds reliable either.

Things in my mind are changing. I used to be able to stand up for the Big Ten and the Republican Party, but what do I have to stand on anymore? The Big Ten doesn't win, and I'm driving an $800 car.

I also wanted to point out that I think The Office just showed its first signs of jumping the shark by having Ryan come back tonight as a temp again. That was ridiculous for so many reasons.


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