Sunday, August 10, 2008

USA vs. China!

The opening ceremonies were pretty neat, next to Script Ohio they were probably the most spectacular thing a stadium has ever seen. In day 2 of the Olympics we pick up action in the first quarter with USA ahead 14-11.

Things I've noticed so far:
-The floor is slippery as shit for some reason. 3 of our guys have slipped on defense.
-Kobe still thinks he's the only one that can score and refuses to acknowledge the closer 3 point line as if to say, "I don't need to scoot up!"
-We're not going to get many calls in this game.

18-16 with a minute left in the first quarter.
One of their players just shot one into the 2nd row and somehow they retain possession. Next possession Chen JH drives and shoots one over the backboard...over the backboard.
2.9 seconds left in the opening quarter...and our only shot is a half court throw. 20-16 as we head into commercial. This is interesting, instead of playing the Olympic theme song NBC chooses their NBA theme. By the way, does anyone else get a semi the first time they hear NFL theme music in August?

2nd quarter:
China is 5-7 on 3's. LeBron is 7-7 in making Yao Ming his bitch . Dwight Howard is playing well along with LeBron and Wade...Kidd, Bosh, and Kobe aren't with it today. It should be noted I have no patience with Kobe.
LeBron has now pinned 2 layups on the glass. The Chinese are starting to tire but still hitting 3's. Entire to the game from THE Ohio State University, Michael Redd.
The Chinese fans get vocal during free throws...the seem to moan and hum and shots perhaps trying to scare the shooter?

29-26 6:30 left...
Redd misses. China ties it with another 3. 7-11. Kobe throws his first pass. 2 possessions later he scores on a dunk. 35-29 after a few steals and fast breaks. Time out, Coach K pretends to have to coach while LeBron waters up.

(During timeout, the crowd stays pumped with Classical music? How much Mozart is on Chinese Jock Jams? In typical NBA fashion 3 point shooters are left wide open. Kobe bricks another 3.
LeBron scores and 1...with an intentional foul. Kobe misses again. 4 All Stars are standing around while he shoots fade aways in the lane.
WOW--play of the Olympics so far! LeBron on an oop and 1! Bush wants to stand up and cheer but Secret Service nods no. The ghost noises continue to haunt our free throw shooting. Ahh Coach K has done it. A half court trap helps put on a 16-3 run. We've been toying with them in this half court game.

I think the team has a game going on within the game. Whoever doesn't score over Yao Ming has to buy drinks that night. Boozer enters the game for the final defensive possession.
No that's not a KD Lang concert, the women's team is court side to cheer on the team.
A play is drawn up for Kobe to travel. Half ends...49-37 even after China's spectacular 3 point shooting.

2nd half begins...
The crowd seems out of it at start. Perhaps tired from putting all that pee pee in their coke.
A Chinese dunk not by Yao, Kobe turns it over again. He's going to clinch the Terwilliger Award very soon. 53-39.
Kobe misses another 3, can I please get some stats?
China's shooting magic is over. Another way to have to buy drinks for team, getting swatted by a sub seven foot asain.
Ahh, some stats! Kobe is 5-12 including 1-6 on 3's with 3 turnovers. The half court trap is back. LeBron seems to be mouthing at the refs who could probably care if they could understand Akron-English.

I'm just going to add "Kobe misses a 3" to my clipboard and then just "control v" every time he shoots. The team is 1-14 on 3's so he's not alone. LeBron hits one though. Bosh is finally rebounding.

This one's not going to be close...and this blog isn't funny, entertaining, being read, informative, etc. See you in a few weeks!


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