Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Where did this annoying term come from?

That's CHALK man! Up until this year I had never heard of a bracket referred to as chalk. I thought maybe it was one of those things that other people knew like who The Supreme Court Justice is, but it turns out a few of my friends hadn't heard of it either. Chalk...picking all of the higher seeds to advance. In other words, not picking upsets, i.e. the women's bracket year after year.
Or the N.I.T. when the Buckeyes are the #1 seed! Hells yeah! Unfortunately my bracket was only 2-4 on the NIT final four...wait what? I'm not allowed to refer to it as that? Final Few? Fucked out of the NCAA Four?

All I know is that our season lasted the longest out of anyone in the Big Ten and that means Wisconsin and Michigan State can suck it.

Perhaps I'll blog the game tomorrow that allowed?

By the way I blame Mike and Mike for popularizing the term chalk.


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