Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Exclusive Interview with Diebler...kinda

We got Terrelle Pryor, suck it Michigan. What will this do for our program? I don't care...I'm more concerned about what it doesn't do, give Michigan a quarterback. They'll be starting fresh this year with someone who wasn't good enough to be mentioned last year so I'm confident that they'll suck again. It also says something about our recruiting power, not that we didn't know this already.

OK back to hoops. The team looked slightly motivated last night against THE GIANT!

Really Dur, that's the best you can do is "THE GIANT?!" Yes, yes it is. My efforts in this blog will parallel the efforts of our NIT performance. Uncreative, and just enough to get the job done. I spent all of my creativity thinking of an entry name for this year's bracket challenge (Oh what has Joel done now?). I've decided to place my yearly jinx on North Carolina (I don't think I've ever picked a winner right) because when they advance, it's boring. I don't want a guy named Tyler taking up half of "One Shining Moment" either. I filled out so many brackets on so many websites that I don't remember the picks I made for this one. In a few I have Oregon beating Memphis in the 2nd round...Oregon is 5 games over .500. Five.

I should include one interesting piece of information. My Dad (The Bull), who coaches high school ball in somewhere in Ohio, ran into Diebler's father at the State Tournament last week. From the conversation with my old man I'm going to call it a Midwesternbias exclusive interview.

Bull: How did Jon handle the season this year?
Mr. Diebler: It was rough on him. He said he's not used to being so wide open on 3's from the corner.

There you have it fans...Jon couldn't make a shot to save his life because he was

(Yes, I've now changed the font twice in one entry)
So next year, all we need is teams to provide better defense on Jon and he'll finally make a 3. I guess he needs the defender up in his face so he can yell "boo-ya" as the ball goes through.

Reader Wise has threatened not to fill out a bracket this year. Should he boycott this tradition I will fill the void with more FAIL pictures.


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