Saturday, January 12, 2008

So...what else is going on?

In an ever so tasteful manner OSU's newspaper The Lantern published this picture about the game...Guhh. Guys? I'm not offended but was it supposed to be funny? There have been funny headlines in the past but they weren't quite as, well, firefighty. In other news we've got a few guys returning to help with things like "catching passes" and "stopping them from catching passes!" Reader Wise pointed out that the last time a good #2 returned at that position we won it all. With Notre Dame sucking I'm pretty sure we're the #1 most hated football team in America. We're the Yankees/Pistons/Patriots/Duke Blue Devils all wrapped into one. That's fine though, it means more press coverage. Our basketball team still hasn't warranted live stats on but I suspect a ranking is coming soon. Diebler still can't shoot though. Speaking of terrible, the school right down the road from me, SLU, put up 20 this week...a number equal to my total for my senior year. I didn't get 40 minutes to do it though. When I left the gym this morning I was watching UNC against NC State, it was 19-11 UNC...I got home, made some lunch and turned the TV on, it was 41-11 UNC. At the half it's 43-13, so good luck with that half time speech, coach. Their locker room is probably like the SNL Peyton Manning basketball skit right now.


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