Saturday, January 05, 2008

What to do...

First, let's just get something posted so that the last post isn't staring us in the face every time we come here. Unfortunately I won't be traveling to New Orleans for the game. I came close but it's not happening so I'm stuck with a decision when I get back into town on Monday. Do I go and watch the game at the Bw-3's in St. Louis with the OSU 200 alums who go there every gameday? OR do I watch it at home on my 13 inch TV and possibly write a blog for the game. As fans we start up to a week before the game getting our superstitions all set up (rubbing one off makes the lord root against us). Will it be better luck since I'm not going on the trip this year? In 2002 I stayed home and watched it almost alone. However, I stayed at home and watched the Super Bowl last year and we all remember how that turned out...a week later I was in therapy. What's everyone else doing? (Remember all those Fiesta Bowls we were in? Didn't you find it ridiculous that Tostitos sold out everwhere because people had to have them for their parties. I will never attend another house party to watch a game.)

I was also many oranges do you think would fit in Mangino? I actually know the answer so go ahead and guess.


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