Saturday, December 22, 2007

We interrupt this Bowl Fun...

Holy Terwilliger's! I know it doesn't mean anything but we're beating Florida at something. In The Schott today the Buckeyes lead 49-33 with 10:00 left. What are the odds we hold them to under 41 points? I'd like to be able to give you some mid-game stats but has decided that these 2 programs probably don't have enough of a following for anyone to the game has nothing to do with CBS other than the fact that they happen to be the networking airing the game. So no live game statistics today.
Observations: We shoot better at home. Florida seems to be struggling with points probably due to the cold weather. Speaking of, I'll bet the Big Ten owns the SEC in Hockey.
(TV timeout)
I'm down 14-0 in the New Mexico Bowl but only 4 points at stake. Could no one else but a state sponsor that thing?

Now for the Twig bashing...he still can't guard anyone. Anytime we press he seems to get blown by leaving our defense at a disadvantage. John Sanderson Diebler has only managed to darken his gray undershirt (a la 80's Georgetown players).
Koufos's shot selection is very questionable. He just missed a 3 with over 25 seconds left on the clock...5:30 left.
We actually rebound very well compared to these Florida scabs. It was hard to tell last year because they only missed about 4 shots.
...Now we'll wait to see how long it's going to take Florida to get to 41 points...Hello stuffed Bear, how have you been? 2:48 and they've scored 43.
As the game resumes Thad is pissed off about something...and is right!. No free throws for Florida. Parsons airballed a free throw a few minutes ago so the crowd is all over him. Meanwhile we can't break a press against this white-ass team. I cringe at the thought of when someone "more athletic" presses us. Florida decides not to foul with under 2 minutes left and an 11 point deficit...then Billy calls timeout while the clock is already stopped.

Well this one's about over...other comments, are uniforms look like shit. I'm sure the Florida fans are probably all yelling, "We won when it mattered!" I hate that argument (when it's not me yelling it). As a young lad I heard Browns fans yell it at Bills fans in Cleveland Stadium. Do you think that's what Billy Donavon just told Thad as they shook hands?
62-49, we win yet still no banner. Back to foozball.


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