Friday, November 30, 2007

SEC better for the wrong reasons

The other day on ESPN someone asked what Hawaii's record would be if they were in the SEC. It's a dumbass question so we'll assume Mark May. Someone with a brain responded back by saying, "If Hawaii was in the SEC they'd be able to recruit better talent from the SEC area." Good point. No kidding. Most colleges get the core of their team from their home state. Hawaii being the rare exception because all they have to do is show a college brochere of some hula tits on the front and recruit says, "Yeah! This is the school for me!"

So obviously Florida and other states in the south have more athletes. It's warmer there all year. They're probably a lot of better at Little League too. Those kids play several seasons per year. In Ohio we got a month and a half of baseball.

If I'm from some weird state like Wyoming and I'm running a 4.3 forty...I have to decide whether to go to college in the Big 1o where it's going to be cold, rainy, and even snowy some games OR Florida, where it's warm, dry, and the women look better. Not a tough choice.

Since it's not the 70's I think we can all agree that black athletes are faster now right? That's true? Anyone offended or going to argue? No? OK, good. There are more black people in the south. I've been there. Anyone remember why? Uh-huh. Yep. So really the SEC is what it is because of our terrible ancestors.

(If anyone's offended assume I'm being sarcastic)


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