Sunday, October 14, 2007

Winning is like...hard to do, right?

After a series of weekends where I send the "It's upset Saturday!" text message to a lot of my friends correctly, OSU should appear at #1 in all of the polls. Mark May of course has us at #2 because he believes South Florida is the best team in the country. That isn't what this poll is about though. I doubt The Ohio State University has the best football team in the country, but that doesn't matter. Winning every single week in college football is nearly impossible. With a good portion of your team not even old enough to legally drink other variables come in. They're still young morons kids so there's plenty of error. So how do I believe we'll actually finish another season undefeated heading into a bowl game? Tressel. He's like that guy who was the first one to win in "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" He's able to accomplish things one week at a time. He doesn't allow them to make enough mistakes to lose. Well that, and our schedule is perfectly just weak enough to be respectable, but not impossible. Tressel knows how to take the season one game at a time. You know who didn't? John Cooper.

'Twas a cold autumn noon game in 1998 when Michigan State and Plaxico Burres came to town. We had a lead, blew it. We had 1st and 10 on the 15, Joe Germaine, a great backfield, and blew it. We were easily the best college football team that year, but because of the college format, we didn't get a championship out of it. The season is just a big mega-tournament not evenly seeded. And for as weak as our "bracket" is, there's still one big game that will decide it as it does so many years...November 17. Perhaps this year will be the chance that 1998 didn't get. It's only fair.


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