Monday, August 20, 2007

Little League Kids are on Steroids

Have you watched any of the games? The fences were just moved back in the last year to 207 feet and balls are flying out right and left...and center. Coincidence? It will come out someday in the future. A kid will use steroids. His Dad will have used them (for rec league softball), gotten away with it (career slugging percentage of .750), and passed it on to his pubescent son. "What? They all have acne at this age!" The best part about these games though is the defense. Hey Hamilton, Ohio...go ahead, get runner up.

The Bears are playing a preseason game as a rematch of the Super Bowl. In the last offensive 6 plays Grossman has fumbled 2 snaps (1 lost) and thrown an interception that was so bad it made the tecmo sound. Yeah, I can't wait for this season of high hopes and a tough schedule.
Please read that word "offensive" as, "Hey you, even though their from Michigan it's offensive when you finger them in front of my kids!" Grossman's "skill" as a starting QB is insulting to the city of Chicago...yet he's on my salary cap fantasy team.


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