Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Who do I want to win?

We're only moments away and I can't choose between Joey Chesnut or Kobeyashi. Joey has the record but has never won the Nathan's event for the Mustard Belt. Kobeyashi has won every year since he started in 2001. Over 30,000 people are there to see it including our role models so it's a huge deal now. The other competitors are so insignificant, though Sonya Thomas they said once ate 1/10 of her body weight in cheesecake...yet she's still THIN!!! Amazing. There's something hot about...nevermind.

Personally I wouldn't eat anything on Coney Island.

In other women's sports that are actually tolerable to watch, Sharipova was getting her ass kicked by Venus before a rain delay. Again, I'm torn on that. Venus is American and it's the 4th of July...but Sharipova.

So who do I root for and put the curse of 2007 on?


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