Saturday, June 02, 2007

It's still 2007

Hello my friends, 'tis been awhile. So...uhh how have you been? Stuffed bear and I have moved to a new apartment and can now enjoy all the sports we want on my 13 inch TV. Obviously the top sports story this week is The Spelling Bee the Cavs being within a game of making it to the finals and you know what that means? Another one of my teams will finish 2nd this year. I'm prepared for the disappointment...or am I? Has King James finally figured it all out? Remember that first time you used Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl and figured out that he was better than the other team combined? That's how I felt on Thursday. So I think THIS is the championship that one of my teams wins. I'm pretty sure game 7 of the Finals is scheduled a smidgen before July but hopefully we'll get back to you on it before then. I've never blogged an NBA game but if the Cavs can provide the opportunity, I'll take it.

p.s. (Is anyone still reading this?)


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