Saturday, April 28, 2007

Teddy scores one last time

It felt like a punt returned for a touchdown in April. The Dolphins with their 9th overall pick expected to take Quinn decided to go with Ginn instead. Buckeyes at the draft jumped up and represented, Quinn and his rent-a-tramp sunk in their seats. He could do nothing but smile. That same smile as when a quarterback throws a game-losing interceptions and has to walk off the field knowing he let that one get away (see Favre 1999-present).

I just finished that final beer from the Super Bowl. It tasted fine. It had to be patient and wait until it was needed. I think I'll keep the bottle and name it Brady.

So the Browns now, huh? Pretty good draft, they'll win a few more fans around the Midwest, maybe a game or two more, and then give the Cowboys a first round stud next year.

As for my Bears there's still a decent tight end waiting.

Your thoughts please...


At 9:24 AM, April 30, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know all the Browns fans are giddy right now with their pretty new QB, but can someone realistically answer this for me: If Quinn wasn't good enough to be a tope 5-10 pick this year for your organization, why would you give up what will be a top 5-10 pick next year to get him? especially with next years draft going to be very, very deep.

I'm pretty happy with the Bills draft. they filled holes, and plus, if anyone should get injured this year, our new TB can also fill in as the injury cart driver. think of all the money we are saving!

-Reader Wise

At 10:43 PM, April 30, 2007, Blogger Evan said...

The answer is that Brady was, in fact, a top 5-10 player for the Browns. Phil Savage was interviewed after selecting the dreamy ND quarterback and he said that the Browns had Brady as a top 6 player, just not a top 3 player. Once Brady slipped to 12, the Browns realized they might be able to sneak up and grab him. Fortunately for the Browns the teams in the middle of the round didn't need a first-round quarterback.

So, in short, the Browns feel that Brady is a top-level quarterback and, if he really is, then it's worth giving up any first-round pick for him. And Phil pointed out that it would be better to trade that pick this year when they have the opportunity to land him and getting a top-level quarterback is always better "this year" rather than "next year".

Only time will tell if the Browns were right, but I'm hoping they are.


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