Thursday, April 12, 2007

Please, give me more pain

If Chris Berman was in charge of this post he's start with a cheesy intro by singing "Should I stay or should I go..." But I won't. So the rumor the other day was the Conley and Oden were both going to announce that they were leaving for the NBA at the end of the OSU basketball celebration acknowledgement of a good season. They made no announcement. The thing is, if Oden leaves it really doesn't matter if Conley stays or not. Sure we could win another Big Ten title and win a few tournament games but at this point that isn't enough to make up for the heartbreak known as 2007. A "great point guard" doesn't win championships anymore. If Oden stays we have no excuse to EVER lose. So I guess it's like a jury when the defendant is probably guilty. "Hmm, what's taking them so long? Is there a chance?" Probably not. I don't know what's going through that noggin of his. Sure, the NBA would lead to a lot of money and women. But I seem to recall OSU providing that for him. So why not Greg? Why not heal the heartbreak of this season? I'm not counting on it though. I'm guessing he'll stay with OSU as long as legally possible, get my hopes waaaaay up...and make me as confident as a 6 point spread in a BCS title game and then leave. Somehow Orlando will end up with the first pick and take him (since they're from Florida). This year has made me realize how important the 2002 championship really was. If not for that game I'm pretty much a Red Sox fan before '04. Out here in St. Louis people keep saying, "Well you made the final game in both sports." They don't understand.

Well this entry was just an excuse to update I guess. The site has been giving me some trouble lately. We'll keep posting about upcoming things and probably venture away from the topic of losing. My t-shirt model finally came through so as soon as I get the pictures we'll put her up here and whore some of those shirts out.

One more that even a dress? That chick just took a long shirt and some matching panties!

We'll assume her name is Stacy and her roomate's name is Rachel.

Stacy: I can't find any pants to go with this outfit.

Rachel: Oden's going to be there.

Stacy: Maybe if I wear a belt everyone will think these are pants.

Rachel: (laughing) You're such a whore!

Stacy: Oh it's a private party, it's not like it's going to be broadcasted over the Internet.


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