Sunday, March 11, 2007

GET A MAP! ...and Drexel can stop whining

Only a few things wrong with the brackets today. A lot of people are upset I'm sure that since we seem to be the team with a long streak over other good teams that we should be the overall #1 seed. Perhaps, but then Florida could say, they beat us without Oden playing healthy and fair officiating excuses. Fine, whatever Florida, you can have the #1 seed overall. You're part of our nation's Atlantic coast, 90 minutes from Cuba, the only state warm enough to grow shitload of oranges, and the Tropic of Cancer runs through your state...would you like to play in the East...West...Midwest...or South? Now you're from the South Eastern Conference, so we'll do our best to put you in the right region. In fact, last year we decided to name the regions after cities instead of directions...this year though we'll make it a point to GO BACK TO using the GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS!
So let me look at my map here....hmmm, here's a state shaped like a penis ready to plop its way into the Bermuda Triangle...and here's another state next to a body of water that borders Canada. Both have #1 seeded teams in them. Committee?

Woman on Committee: "Hi, I'm Barbara, I'm a double token woman from the Sun Belt, can I be in charge of placing those two teams in regions since you won't let me do anything else?"

Head of Committe: "Yes Barbara, you may, and while you're at it go ahead and compare Arkansas's numbers with Syracuse's and get back with us on your results."

So why do I care about this so much? I bet you both remember. As I've mentioned the St. Louis Midwest Regional games are a 12 minute ride away on the Metrolink from my apartment. Now my town will be flooded with Florida assholes instead. Committee, you've cheated our readers out of a rare on-scene photoblog.

Onto what everyone is bitching about, Drexel...(crank up sarcasmator)
Look, just because they finished 4th in the vaunted Colonial Athletic Conference doesn't mean they should have to settle for the NIT. I mean c'mon, the Colonial Athletic Conference deserves at least 4 teams in. We go through this every year...The Big Ten gets over half of its teams in, as does the ACC, the CAC deserves some credit as well. They're not just a Chess conference anymore people! It's not like there's a clause that says anyone who finishes behind Hofstra shouldn't get in! (Barbara, get to work on that for next year. Yes sir!) I can only imagine how the writers of feel. Let's go through and breakdown the Dragons season. (Oh I get it, a somewhat creative mascot that uses alliteration, that doesn't reek of small school at all)

Just a few weeks ago on November 18 we won AT Vermont! You don't just stroll into Catamount arena rec center and get a win. Now sure Penn beat us by 19, but they're obviously awesome, they won the Ivy League. And then sure we lost to Rider by 8 to even up at 2-2, but with that kind of November, who wouldn't? Rider's tough, they finished a whole game above .500. I know, a win over Toledo isn't anything big. That's one of those schools focused on learning...Especially law, they're excused. But @'Nova and @Syracuse...let us in! Those 2 teams combined for a total of 1 bid. We sneaked our way in over Christmas break and got out with 2 big wins. Isn't that an automatic bid? Everyone plays their best ball of the season a week the third week of Advent. Our high powered offense took down the likes of Northeastern and Towson. Why should it matter that we lost to William and Mary 60-47. I'm sure they're really tough. Look, over 4 teams from our schedule made the big dance. Those 5 teams played us tough but we pulled an amazing 2-5 record against them and only got outscored on average by 10 points including those 2 wins. So yes, let us in.

Now as far as our south bracket...I love it! We couldn't have asked for a better 15 to share it with. Sure we didn't get the overall #1 seed in the tournament, but if you had asked which #1 seed's bracket I'd take, it would be the south. I think we can beat Xavier or the Fighting Mormans. I'm not going to share my picking strategy with everyone for fear that they'll do the opposite and win bigtime. But here are a few tips...

1. Find teams that Reader Wise roots for, choose against them.
2. Don't pick a 15 seed to advance, that's crap, it won't happen this year either.
3. Look at the number of senior starters a team has...if there's one with a child in the stands know that he will he playing hard because he needs to make it to the NBA. He was too busy fucking to study.

So good luck to all.

About yesterday's performance, a solid A. When Twig hit that 3, I heard echoes of the announcer of Gibson's game 1 home run. Wisconsin knew they must have been in trouble at that point. Sure he still missed a layup, but his "Lean on Me" defense made that zone strong.


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