Monday, March 05, 2007


Okay, if you're someone who would show up at this site, you probably already heard about how the Buckeye hoops team, along with a few other squads around the country, will be breaking in new threads for the Big Ten tournament and the NCAAs. Sean over at Around the Oval is observant and not, you know, lazy, so he has gone and found out what they look like. Good. Gravy.

Imagine Cameroon's infamous one-piece bodysuit crossed with your standard run of the mill 21st-century basketball circus tent shorts. Judging by the photos available, we're gonna look like we're wearing body paint and pantaloons. On the plus side, as you all know, I have long advocated the wearing of pantaloons during any and all sporting events. On the downside, the look as a whole is, you know, pretty stupid, just like the rest of Nike's experiments in "unconventional" attire for college teams. Doesn't a line have to be drawn in the sand sometime? Doesn't someone have to stand up and say "no more"? To stand up and say "I have had ENOUGH of your swooshes and your ... Oregon, in general, and your GODDAMN ONE-SHOULDER-SLEEVE THINGY"? Please???


At 7:34 PM, March 06, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couple of things Fu:
1. I read somewhere that the NCAA won't let the kids wear "undershirts" that go past the elbow, so i don't think we have to worry about the skin-tight shirt going all the way to the wrist.
2. I've seen some pics of the new unis one of the message boards I frequent, and they look a lot different than what the pic that you linked does.
3. Which are the real unis? Who knows, but i can't imagine that the kids are going to want to wear a jersey that's the first cousin to the speed skating uniform. whatever.
4. I'm reserving judgment till i see them live.
5. I have to work friday at noon, when the basketBucks tip off, so please, PLEASE do a live blog and update frequently. That is all.

-Reader Wise


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