Saturday, March 03, 2007


I originally had a post up here that wasn't very nice. We all know I'm not a Terwilliger fan. Pictured left is his girlfriend only making me more upset. But anyway, I'll make this short. Apparently we can score 10 unanswered anytime we need to. UCLA lost so that dipshit at CBS with his #1 ranking for the Bruins can shove it. The Badgers barely won and looking back I think we're in definite #1 seed status no matter what happens in the Big 10 tourny. They never seem to care who wins the Big Ten tournament do they? Remember that year we had to play the 9 a.m. game in New Mexico?

I went to downtown St. Louis tonight and the city is flooded with the Missouri Valley Conference teams. SIU sweatshirts galore! Why is it that for the smaller the school the more old men in turtle necks under their XXL sweatshirts?

And now Texas...for as good as Durant is, the rest of the team must suck for them to blow a 14 point lead like that. He had 25 at the half and didn't even play the whole time. Let's keep them out of our bracket...I'll take SIU instead.


At 12:16 AM, March 04, 2007, Blogger The Dur said...

Yep, she seemed a little "upset" at my message. Oh well. Apparently matt is a "wonderful guy" and I'm immature...but we already knew that. Anyway, I can only hope she felt the anger and frustration that each of us feel every time his worthless ass takes the floor. Someone had to say it, right?


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