Friday, February 16, 2007

How. Me Offended!

Imagine if you will that OSU was no longer allowed to play Hang on Sloopy at games because of some weird "laaawyerrr bullsheet." That's about how the Illini feel right now. After Wednesday Chief Illiniwek will no longer be allowed to perform at Illinois games. The times are getting ridiculous. I was fortunate enough to see the Chief perform at halftime of our game with them this year (when we were up 17-0). Their student section (God bless them) is very into the games even though they know they suck. (Read about my day there in entry two of this blog )

Anyway, the Chief really has some good moves and I think it's a shame. I also think it's a shame the kids have to drink Orange Crush because I think the company stopped making it in 1986 and is just using the surplus. Anyway, I'd be pissed.

I doubt we write much about NASCAR on here but they just switched to an update on ESPN and Brad Daugherty was reporting. Wait, what?

ESPN: "OK, it says here on your resume that you played Center for the Cavs...poorly."
Brad: "That's right, we expected Mark Price to get us places."
ESPN: "Well we were going to stick you with women's poker but we're using the guy who won Dreamjob in season 2 for that. Hmm, it says here we're supposed to look for someone of your uhh nature to work NASCAR."
Brad: "I'll take it--I love fishing!"

One more thing I'm confused about. I like getting comments on my posts so thanks guys. But how come my biggest posts that I poured my heart and soul out for, and admitted that I scheduled a shrink (next Wednesday at 5:30) didn't get nearly the feedback of the one post about RICE vs. TROY?! What nerve do I need to hit to mix things up again?

(crossing fingers that Hot Rod Williams reads this)


At 10:38 AM, February 17, 2007, Blogger Jack Fu said...

The thing about the Rice-Troy post is, it somehow got linked to on some Rice football blog. Which apparently has a lot of viewers. And they all apparently came here to bitch at you. I commented on it and never looked at it again - I had no idea so many people came and commented on that post.


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