Sunday, January 07, 2007

Holy holy holy CRAP

Yeah, the game tomorrow. It's just ... I mean ... yeah. While most prognosticators are still going with OSU, the last week or so has seen a groundswell of "Gee, Florida's better than I assumed they were" editorializing on the part of pretty much everyone willing to take a serious look at the matchups featured in this game. While there still appears to be a presumption that the Gators bring to the table a hellacious defense and a so-so offense held together by trickeration, misdirection, scotch tape, and Tim Tebow, Florida's offense was better than that. True, they have no traditional "power running game," but the Gators have averaged a more than respectable amount of rushing yardage per game, and Chris Leak, despite some rumors of feminine body parts, is an effective passer. Todd expressed to me last night that he has a feeling that the month and a half off will have given Urban Meyer sufficient time to outsmart himself. Along those lines, I wonder if UF's gimmicktastic offense can be better prepared for in say, 51 days as opposed to the standard six. Since the BCS has given us exactly two true blowouts in the eight years of its existence, odds are that this is gonna be a close one. I have faith in Troy and Tress.

For crazy in-depth previewage and breakdownitude, cripes, you can go tons of different places. Plus there's SMQ's ongoing breakdown series. As far as the MWB's keys to the game, well, you know where I'm going:


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